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Not going to like having to spend money on the roads.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by oztom, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Have to drag some of that greed cam money from under the bed mattres.

    Or will they try to rebound it back on “it’s all speed related†or new road signs “slow for crap roads†then put up more greed cams?


    Deteriorating country roads blamed for toll
    July 20, 2009

    Deteriorating country roads are to blame for a spike in Victoria's road toll, the state opposition says.

    New figures show that while the road toll is falling in cities and towns, rural road deaths are bucking the trend.

    National Party Deputy Leader Peter Walsh blamed cracked and distressed roads for the disparity and accused the government of under spending on country roads, costing lives.

    "Figures released by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) show the road toll for rural roads to midnight 16 July 2009 has increased 14 per cent compared to this time last year," he said.

    "Twelve more deaths on rural roads compared to the same period last year is a tragedy at a time when the government should be trying to reduce the number of road fatalities."

    Mr Walsh said the number of deaths on roads in Melbourne and regional cities and towns had actually decreased so far this year.

    "This inconsistency shows that Labor should be doing more to improve the state of Victorian country roads to save country lives."

    The TAC figures show road deaths decreased by seven per cent in Melbourne in the calendar year to July 16 and 17 per cent in regional cities and towns.

    However, on rural roads deaths increased 14 per cent, up from 84 to 96.

    Mr Walsh said Category C roads, which link country towns outside major regional centres, had been "drastically under-funded" for years.

    A June 2008 report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics found the government had failed to adequately maintain the state's road system, leading to a dramatic increase in the number of distressed roads, he said.

    "Roads are classified as distressed when they have degraded to the point where the road pavement is rough, cracked or rutted.

    "In regional Victoria the length of distressed road increased by 177.9 per cent in the four years leading up to 2006/07, which is completely unacceptable."

    Mr Walsh said Victoria's peak motoring group, the RACV, drew a direct link between improving roads and reducing the road toll.

    Country drivers deserved a fairer deal when it came to road funding, he said.

    At 5pm (AEST) yesterday the 2009 Victorian road toll stood at 173, two more than this time last year.
  2. Although we deserve better roads in rural areas it will never happen while governments (all) continue to raise revenue and blame speed on everything.

    We're getting one of the new "safety" cameras at the busiest intersection in Sale and to my knowledge (last 10 years) there has not been a crash there let alone an injury or worse.

    The turn arrow cycle is way to short and the camera will now milk the unsuspecting for all they're worth.

    The safest thing to do here is to allow proper and fair cycles of lights but that wouldn’t raise any money would it? :roll:
  3. What gets me is I have heard bugger all about this on the news.

  4. LOL. It's cheaper to put "rough surface" road signs out all over the place and just leave the roads the way they are. When drivers inevitably crash the government will turn around them for speeding :roll: supporting the speed kills propaganda.
  5. I don't think it's a conspiracy. I'd say it more like an open fact. Brumby creates government policy according to what's printed in the Herald Scum. If that newspaper isn't outraged by the state of country roads then the back patting relationship between Brumby and The Scum happily continues.
  6. Its not the condition of country roads that is responsible, do people really think those who live out there cant handle it? My guess is the stats would be seriously over representing tourists without experience driving on such roads.

    Is it practical to perfectly hot mix every single road in Australia and keep it that way? At this stage no, unless there was a massive shift in priorities. Instead how about people learn to drive.

  7. You mean like people driving in the city all the time and the great job they do?

    While I agree there are city people going out on country roads for a weekend run not knowing the difference, but locals and tourists alike can come to grief on bad roads.

    My sister lives in semi rural area of Melbourne; I gave up riding to her place sometime ago, potholes corrugate, but more to the point the half arsed fix it jobs the road crews do.
  8. Syd's northern beaches may be fine Phiz but there are roads around here that I refuse to ride because of their condition and that makes them unsafe for all road users.
  9. Solution: spend less on all roads. Lower speed limits. Install more fixed and mobile cameras. Profit. Problem solved.
    What, people still dying? Oh well. Can't have everything.
  10. OP we already have those signs to ride carefully due to poor road conditions, they are littered along the Monash Freeway notably one on the left around blackburn rd :?
  11. Well, if they keep going like that someone might get my vote.
  12. That is not correct. There are three major routes between Warrnambool and Melbourne. Two of those routes have good quality road surafaces (with an obvious lack of overtaking lanes). Of the three (all dangerous) routes available however, it's the shortest route that is the worst. Deep holes and gutters from decades of unrepaired truck use has left the road via Lismore nothing short of a death trap. Nothing has been done about the Lismore road bbecause the sight seers take the GOR and the antique lovers drive via Colac. Warrnambool is a popular tourist destination and most of the tourists are from Melboune. As a result, Melbourne drivers are blessed with barely acceptable conditions along the route they take. Locals however, choose the shortest route to get to Melbounre because they travel for work and family related reasons rather than leisure. Locals do the trip 12 times a year (minimum) rather than 1 time so the shortest route makes sence. It's a more often used route by any individual traveller but it has been totally ignored with respect to maintainence.

    The roads that require signage and urgent repair in Melboune are in far better condition than the roads I drive on every day but we don't even get so much as a warning sign. I have scraped the bottom of my car against the middle of the lane here simply because I was silly enough to follow the tyre gutters on some roads. Get off the tourist strips like the spurs or GOR before making any decisions about the condition of real country roads.

    People won't learn to drive. That should be a given my now. :roll: Yet.... Even those who do learn to drive are killed every year as a result of unpredictable road conditions. No-one is asking for perfect roads state wide. We simply would prefer that a basic minimum standard be used, preferably giving country areas roads that would meet the minimum safety requirements of city roads.