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Not getting the nod anymore... because I'm on a naked?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Lectre, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. I just bought myself a tough little streetfighter (SV1000) and am finding that bike riders don't seem to nod at me anymore! I used to own a cbr600, but I'm still the same guy!! I mean, in Bris-vegas everyone nods to each other (especially sportsbike riders) but now nobody is giving or returning the nod.
    I gave up long ago giving the nod to cruiser riders, but COME ON !! You can even get SV1000's with half fairings!!


  2. Possible lecter but not likley, i used to nod at everything on two wheels...
  3. I noted that... on the ZZR250 I got nodded at most of the time... on the ER-5 hardly ever... then as soon as I got on the ZX6R everyone is nodding at me... I don't know why that is... I nod/wave to everyone!
  4. I feel ya man. My bike is in the shop after an accident and I haven't been getting any respect on my trail bike.
  5. They're too busy trying to figure out what you're riding.

    "Hmmm, those lights remind me of some of the older Ducatis..."

    "... but clearly the angle of the front-fairing lends itself more to a Yammy FZ model..."

    "... was that a little centre globe I saw lit up, like early 2000 model Kwaka ZX's?..."

    *4km's later*

    "Aha! It was an SV! Of course!... I should have nodded or waved to that guy."
  6. Surely no biker would be that shallow :shock:

  7. may be all those nods i thought i was getting where in fact people shaking there heads at me...

    "WTF is that thing road worthy? man that thing blowing more smoke than a forest fire... AND WTF ISTHAT RATTLE???"


    never had a problem with the getting the nod
  8. nah people just don't like you :p
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  10. they're probally scared that they'd loose an eye if they noded any where near it.... LOOK AT ALL THOSE SHARP POINTS!
  11. I nod to everyone! I'm a noob really (been riding for about 5 months) and don't know what most of the bikes are so everyone gets a nod.

    Even if I knew what the bikes were I'd still nod everyone. :wink:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :rofl: :rofl:
  12. nice bike!
    my BF rides a Cb1300 & he gets nodded at.
    maybe they're suzuki haters or something :LOL:
  13. 23_11_62.

    No fairing, no nods.

    If it matters so much to ya, get ya CBR back. fing06.

  14. Your new bike is gorgeous Lectre.....
    I'm not a 'bike racist'...I'll nod at ya on the next QLD ride! :grin:
  15. +1 no trouble getting mods, surely they're not admiring the mighty 1982 BC250RS :shock: (Or more likely amazment at it getting past the first hill!!)
  16. Where's that Noddy picture again :roll:
  17. word!!
    i've got the 1983 gsx250.... [/quote]
  18. Maybe you are riding naked thats scaring them :p
  19. I've noticed the same thing..

    My first bike ws a black naked 250 Zeal. Everybody nodded at me, including cruiser riders.

    My next bike was a blue zzr250. Only some sportsbike riders nodded at me, and no cruiser riders nodded.

    My current ride is a black trx850. Everybody nods at me again, including metric cruiser riders, and harley sportster riders. But not ducatti riders :)) fair enough too I spose.

    I've come to the conclusion that
    * if your bike is black cruiser riders are likely to nod.
    * if your bike is a faired tourer then sportsbike riders don't nod.
    * if your bike is a faired sportsbike then tourers dont nod.

    Does this help?
  20. Sucks to have a sports tourer then, no one nods :rofl: