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{Not General!} Spare key cutter? (Syd)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by n4spd, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. hi i just bought a second hand bike, it has got only one key, how much to make a copy, and where in sydney do they make these keys for motorbikes?

    is it as simple as making a spare key for your door lock at the shoe repair shops? 4 dollars if i have a blank key?

  2. Depends on what your key looks like. The year, make and model of your bike would be helpful.
    You can get cheap blanks of ebay for some bikes. Not all key cutters will have the right blank.
  3. I've gotten blanks for one of my older bikes on eBay.

    As 2Loud mentioned, it depends what bike, year, etc your bike is. Older bikes are easier to cut keys for. Cost is usually under $10 for the blank key, and less than $10 to cut from your local key cutter if they offer key cutting for vehicles. Some cutters don't do vehicles though.

    I'd recommend buying 2 blanks because the key cutter does not gurantee it will work. For example, a key that I got cut was able to start the bike up, but for some reason I could not lock the steering with it.

    You can also have the original manufacturer cut the key. Just go to a licensed dealer for the make of your bike. Probably a lot more expensive through them though, but at least if you buy the blank on eBay, you'll save money on that.
  4. hi thanks, i bought a 1999 Yamaha FZX Zeal. I will buy some blank keys and check with the key cutters in shopping center, thanks
  5. I don't know if it only Honda, but my bike has a chip in the key. So I also need to get it programmed when cutting a new key which can increase the cost a fair bit.
  6. Any 99 Yami (or other) should be no problem I would expect.
    Probably the old style key. I got a blank for mine on ebay for about $3, then $10 or so at the shopping centre. I had gone straight to the shop at first, the guy had a go but the key was too thick. It would do the ignition but wouldn't do the seat cowl or fuel cap.