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Not for people with weak tummies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RavenWolfe, May 15, 2006.

  1. Hey all. :grin:

    I came by this site by way of a friend. (Not sure if anyone has posted it before, if they have, my apologies. :oops: )
    It is an American site, but it hammers home the need to be safe on the road & to practice safe riding techniques with the help of some very horrific pics (all very real).


    It is rather graphic in nature, as most bad motorbike accidents are, so any kids or people with weak tummies shouldn't look... (I know, like telling a baby "no"... :p But you have been warned.)

    Take care & ride safe :)

  2. That is sickening but your right I had to look at it... How am I supposed to stomach breakfast now huh?!?! Curse you!

    That sucks... It really does btw... Too many people
  3. OMG!!!!!

    Hi There,
    I'm only new to riding (7mths now) and these pics really put you off the whole idea :cry:
  4. This was around about three months ago.. is a good reminder not to become complacent on you bike. Some of those pics are pretty bad.

    When I told my dad I was riding he stated sending me MAIB statistcs and images and telling me about some really really sickening bad crunches he had to attend to as a nurse.

    It doesnt put me off the idea of riding it just makes me wary of the fools on the road with Kellogs licences.
  5. Sorry Sketchie, I didn’t mean to put you off your breakfast. :oops:
    Yes, it does suck. I’ve posted a few “Keep safe” links in the past & came across this.

    As Ward_4e mentioned, it is a good reminder not to be complacent on your bike or to take riding skills for granted. This is why I posted the link. It’s the cold hard reality of riding a bike & if we aren’t ‘aware’ while riding it could be anyone of us, no matter how good a rider we think we are. My grandmother isn’t keen on me riding as she had lost an uncle on a bike back in the 1930s. I think most parents/guardians worry if their children decide to ride, unless they were/are riders themselves.

    I’ve had a lady come up & tell me to stop riding because she lost her son. To which I tactfully tried to explain that it was a choice we both made & that most of us wouldn’t be riding if we didn’t know & understand the risks.

    Hi Parko. :grin: I’m a newbie too. Had my learner’s about 7 months as well but only had a bike the past 4-5 months. I joined a while ago, keep meaning to catch up with people on a coffee night but other things keet coming up (and still not game to ride around the city at 5-6 pm). Hope the link has not put you off riding but makes you that little bit more aware, as it’s made me & hopefully some of the others that have clicked on the link.

    :) Take care & safe riding all.
  6. saw it last time it was posted, and in addition to what I said last time... shudder :? :shock:

    It is a good reminder not to become complacent, I went for a ride on the weekend, and it has been a little while since I have had some saddle time, and I couldn't get focused, so I turned around and went home, makes me glad that I had the presence of mind to do that rather than end up a picture on that website!

  7. Ah, forgot to apologise that it was already posted. :oops:

    -shudder- :? :eek: sums it up rather well if I do say so myself.

    And good choice in bike if I might add! :grin: