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not feeling yellow anymore!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by fitryder, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. \:D/ :dance: :woot:

    Passed my P's today!!!

    \:D/ :dance: :woot:

    Day was ok, im just getting over the flu so i have been coughing and dieing whole 8hrs and to top it off it started to poor at lunch time, just before our street ride.

    But apart from that it all went well, everyone in the class passed pretty easily on the wet track.

    There was one dude that came back to re-do his test and he locked his front wheel on the emergency stop, down he went. You could still, very clearly, hear what he said over the engine and crashing bike. Wasnt pretty, poor bugger.

    But ya, come tomorrow morning i wont have that yellow feeling anymore, ill be all fullysick on my red P's! :biker:
  2. Congrats.

    Heres hoping you can keep it, with the new laws..
  3. Very nice work, congrats! :woot:
  4. I did my Ps at Loftus last weekend, and there were 2 guys who failed and needed to come back and redo em. One was an older (compared to most learners) guy who hired a bike from the testers for the day, and the other was a young guy on a white CBR250RR. Either of them ring a bell?
  5. :bannanabutt: \:D/ :bannanabutt: nice one mate!!!