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Not fare part Two !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRBob, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. No not fair is being able to go for a ride yesterday , BUT having to cut it short and change your planed route Bc you get a bloody punture in your rear tyre

    On a sunday when not a bike shop or tyre repair place is open anywhere near where you are..................... time to improvise !

    1st : give directions too the girls your riding with , one is a very new rider to boot ! so they can at least get some riding in .

    2nd : Take one 7 / 11 one can of tyre repair in a can ( not recomended for bikes at all ) @ $10.50 , follow directions on can , cross fingers.
    Seems to work ....... go for a short 10 k trip and check tyre pressure, only lost 5psi and is looking good....... start heading in the direction you sent the girls, after another 10 odd k's.... check pressure again ( just a little pareniod lol ) PERFECT :)
    3rd : Crack throttle open and play catchup 8)
    20 mins later up at Olinda at the" Pie in the sky" having a Latte and smiling , then back down the mountian and home. tyre is still good and am going to try to make it last till after the Super's , was going to need replacing by the end of that w/end anyway !

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:
  2. G'day,

    just a word of warning, you note they say 'temporary' all over the can?

    It truly is just a temp fix. Basically why it is unsuitable for bikes is the tyres get nice and hot and the goo becomes liquid near the seal and comes unstuck.

    Another problem is that it stuffs up the valve, it gets stuck in there, so you can fix it again with gunk...but third time probably won't be lucky if you know what I mean.

    Tyre places also hate that stuff because it clogs the valve and takes forever to clean out so the new tyre can form a proper fit with the wheel, and not have any bubble gum type crap getting in the way...

    It's good to get you home, but for safety I'd get a new tyre asap. You'll regret it if you go flat on the way to the race and can't fix it with goo again! :)

  3. Um hello ,
    Im a mechanic by trade and know all the risks and problems of this type of tempory repair, yes the ideal situation would be to replace the tyre asap. with 20 odd years of full time riding under my belt this is not the 1st time i've done this type of repair ( and not the last ), and have chaulked up alot of k's with this crap in a wheel , like brissy to melb on one !
    Yes it is a risk and a pain to clean out for the new tyre to seal, but as long as you tell the person replacing the tyre what you have done, They know what to expect and are ready for it :p
    This tyre is only at half life, and if it wasn't for the supers coming up i would go and get it repaired properly, But as it will need replacing the week after, its a risk that is known to me and therefore one im willing to take.
    But i wouldn't recomend this action to anyone else though
    :? :p :LOL:
  4. But i wouldn't recomend this action to anyone else though

    Why do it or you above everyone else
  5. oh FFS im not above anyone else , i wouldn't recommend it to anyone else leaving this shit in the tyre any longer than needed.
    I know the risks and am willing to take em

    no more no less, but to have someone say there tyre blew out bc i told em this stuff is ok to leave in ..... no way !!!!!!!!!!!

    my bike my risk !
  6. obvious who thinks they are above everyone else, there is always one WACKER
  7. Some days you wonder why you wake up in the morning and post hey Bob?

    Sounds like you have a good save on your ride with the tyre repair stuff, if you're happy to extend the life of the temporary repair then go for it, just make sure the risk doesn't outweight the reward. 8)
  8. I thought from the original post that it was obvious that Bob not only knew the risks but periodically checked the tyre pressure to ensure that the temporary repair held and no doubt modified his riding in order to avoid unnecessary stress to the tyre.

    Most people wouldn't and that is a big factor in the 'not recommended' tag.
  9. you mean that kinda thing is NOT recommended???? :?

    goddamn, and there i was about to stick a knife in my tyre just so i could give it a whirl. screwed my fun right there, i think i'll go back to safely hitting live ammo with a hammer :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Thats sounds like fun ...... do i have to bring my own hammer and ammo or is it supplied ?

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. and thankyou Splash for reading between the lines :)
  12. plenty to go round fella, but you dont get to use my good claw hammer. i have got a wee little kiddies hammer with a light blue head and a wooden handle that you can use tho :D
  13. So if anybody saw a VTR rider sitting on the tank, that was Bob and his modified riding to accomodate his temporary fix not just any show offs :p :p :LOL: :LOL:
  14. I used a can of the stuff when I got a punctre on the way up to Arhurs Seat. Filled the tyre with the finilec (tyreweld) and proceeded up to the top of the lookout.
    Checked tyre pressure, all good.
    Had something to eat, checked the tyre pressure again, all good.
    Rode home normally, forgot I had the stuff in the tyre.

    2 days later, booked it in for a replacement tyre, warned the fitter that it had that crap in there and was thanked, not charged any more for his efforts.

    I have also had plugs in tyres. They reccomend a top speed of 80km/h with a plug fitted but have safely done tripple that with a plugged tyre.

    So as Bob said, it is not recomended but hey......