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Not F&*king Happy Jan!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by matt232, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. I was working until midnight last night, during the process of heading home, I tried to open the Roller door so I could wheel my bike out of the garage and come back inside to set the alarm.

    When I pressed the roller door button, something shorted out, similar to a globe blowing and the door wouldn't open, using either the button, remote or handle. So last night my bike was trapped in the garage at work and I was forced to get a Taxi home and back to work.

    Asked one of my collegues to ring the landlord and get someone to look at it. This collegue has recently replaced the person who used to deal with this before but when I spoke to him at 1pm to follow up I was told he neither has the time or the inclination to do it. So I got the landlords details off him and did it myself, but to add even more salt to the wounds I was told by the landlord that its doubtful they will be able to get to fixing until tomorrow at this late stage in the day so I'm bikeless again tonight.

    :x :x :x :x
  2. That bites the big one mate. Hope you get to use the bike ASAP. Chainsaw through roller door not an option? :)
  3. thats not cool news at all... :cry:

    one thing though:
    does that mean your colleague or the new guy who replaced the old guy? :?

    surely the door would have some relase mechanism too? seems a bit dangerous to have a door that could lock you in completely....
  4. Ok I've taken a chill pill and in the light of day worked out how to manually override the door and it seems the Landlord might have also got thier act together than are sending someone down.

    Hi I'm Matt. It has been 24 hours since my last ride and I'm a rideaholic.
  5. Hi Matt, I am Brian and have not ridden for two days and am at my wits end.
    Must get back on bike soon. starting to twitch
  6. I spoke to the new finance guy at 1pm following up on my email requesting that he chase up the landlord. Which is when he told me he was a prick, could have sent a 10 second email saying he couldn't deal with it. Not the first time he has been useless but I guess this guy at least knows the basics of being an accountant.

    Nothing like the IT guy showing the old accountant how to reconcile a bank statement after he asked how to do it in quickbooks. Showed him (run my own business on the side so I've done it couple of times, actually when to a tafe course to work out basic accounting), and then months later we discover that he is reconciling each invoice as he enters them into the system without any referencing to a bank statement. It wasn't the fact that he didn't know how to use the program but more the fact that he didn't know his arse from his elbow. You'd think with the responsibility of running a medium sized business accounts department that you'd at least checkout a Tafe course or two to find out how to do your job. Old boys clubs are stupid.

    Anyway, in the light of day and after a decent sleep I was able to find a ladder and work out how the manual release mechanism worked. So I've got my wheels back.
  7. now THAT was funny :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    good news about the door and getting your bike back. It is amazing how not being able to ride sends you nutty though.
    when my bike was getting fixed I drove my flatmates mad bouncing around the house trying to expend some energy. (running down the spiral starcase, leaning into the corner, making vrooom sounds :LOL: )
  8. I hope your work is paying for the Taxi fares Matt.

    In the buildings i've worked in, they have to have a poster on the inside of the garage showing how to work the doors manual override.
    Maybe this needs to be updated at your work for safety reasons.

    Enjoy being back on the bike. :)

    '91 Across
    Oh yeah, and currently at 22hrs since last ride........gotta hate that whole .00 BAC when on restrictions :?
  9. Hi Matt, My names Nodz its been two days since my last ride and six days before that. Got a chain problem that Realm/Greg are helping me sort out tonight., so hopefully will be riding again tomorrow.
  10. Dont worry I've already put my expense re-imbursement form in, not paying a cent for it.

    Had a visit from the roller door guys and the motor is stuffed so we will have a new one installed at the expense of the landlord. Bit of a bugger becuase it was only a few months ago I went and got an extra remote so I didn't have to get off the bike when I arriving the the morning/afternoon.

    We'll now that you lot know suppose I should tell everyone at work. :LOL:

    Fire Eagle, that poster idea is a good one, I'll set that up when the new motor is installed. 8)
  11. hahaha russ your a pissa :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Actually I think thats a side effect from all the coffee you drink...
  13. I hear you Matt, amazing what the "IT Guy" gets asked to do, if anyone responsible for a particular job is missing, incompetent, an A1 A-hole etc, the IT guy is often the first approached for help.

    I'm sure it mandatory for the manual release operation to be displayed.

    Also mandatory for some righteous payback on the prick... remember.. don't get even, get one up!

  14. :LOL: :LOL: I love it!!!
  15. Marty,

    Just remember that absence makes the heart grow found....either that or go and hire one ;)
  16. dear landlord ,
    you have 3 choices
    1.pay for the cab charges to and from work, (via marysville as i was going to a party tonight)
    3. Replace the whole door , because i am going to ring 000 and tell them there is a elderley person trapped in there and they were calling out , and they will cut a hole in the door .