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Not every scientist is part of Al Gore's mythical consensus

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. The ranks continue to swell. There is also quite a bit friction at the moment in many 'authoritive' bodies within some of the earth and atmospheric sciences as they are starting to sweat over the introduction of a lot more credible data, contradicting the main scenario's painted to both government's and downstream, the public.

    Their response to date is generally to remain silent in cases that are a stark contradiction to the official position.

    I submitted 12 papers last year, post review with about an equal amount of questions (backed by research). The response, 'we haven't appointed reviewers yet'. However some of the people who do the reviewing are known to me, and have since examined papers logged 6 months after ours.

    A little bit on other material that adds to the scientific confusion.


  2. jeez I wish they'd make up their minds; I need to know whether to invest in Speedos or Parkas :rofl: ......
  3. So let me be sure we agree on what we are saying here...

    There are scientists that disagre with the "Human effected Climate Change" theory and have an alternate hypothisys that tehy want funding to prove (or disprove).
    Therefore we have proved what???
    I say give em teh funding. I say if they are right we have a whole world of other issues (Because we can't effect change to improve the situation) but i also say that it doesn't prove anything against teh "Global warming" theorists, but is an other very important line of investigation that should be looked into.
    seperate of this, I also believe that even if "Global Warming" is a myth, we still should be doing a lot to improve our emision levels as the crap we put into the air has other impacts than just the greenhouse theory.
  4. Agree with FL and hope it isn't too late...

    "Can we please have some funding to build a new telescope so we can properly know what's going on with the Sun: you know, the star at the centre of our solar system that we revolve around, with a surface temp of 5,778 K and is responsible for 1,370 watts of energy per square metre here on Earth???"

    "No, I'm sorry, you haven't submitted an environmental impact study that we are satisfied with..."
  5. Just one more time: 'consensus' != 'unanimity'
  6. I believe this whole global warming thing was started so they could introduce a Carbon Tax. Which the Bilderbergers will use to initiate the New World Order. Noww there's a conspiracy theory for you suckers! :cool: :LOL: