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not even a newbie from gippsland

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Suicide Shift, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hey all, I'm thinking of getting a motorbike, really really thinking about it.
    not sure how many questions are in here, just thought Id let loose introduce myself and tell you a bit aout whats going through my head 8-[

    My experience is limited to about 3 years of riding around my property and up bush, it was on a 1984 Suzuki ts 185 IIRC when i was about 16, so around 7 years ago.

    If funds work out I will be looking at getting a cheap bike, I feel confident at pulling a car apart, and I believe alot of my experience can be passed over onto a motorbike.

    I notice alot of newbs post up on nemerouse sites asking about a ideal first bike.

    what I got was buy cheap, cause you will drop it, and dont worry to much as resale is good on LAM's aproved bikes. Oh and dont spend to much because you will wont to upgrade in a year (3 months for me)

    but I have a question for you guys out there who enjoy the motorbike's not just for the outright speed and power!

    does anyone out enjoy riding what most would call a low powered motorbike by choice and as a daily driver?

    first bike-- dont really care will just get something small that I can learn and drop!!

    but after that, I am in two minds I Love the look and idea of cafe racers, old style retro etc, and I also love the look of the naked bikes, was thinking vtr, etc aswell..

    lovely forum, read up the newbie thread enjoyed learning about vanishing points arm position etc!! thanks so much for this wonderful resource
  2. Why do you think that you can upgrade to a non-lams bike in 3 months?
  3. I dont, LOL
    just got confused, just realized/remembered I can get off my L's and onto unmarked P's Not off my LAMS
    my bad
  4. Thought so!
    What bike you gonna get? Get an eduro/trail bike, they're are pretty bomb proof to drop, XR400 or the likes.
  5. Hi shift
    Have a look at the forums on the Honda CB400- it's great beginner's bike but has more potential than that. If You've got experience it's less likely you'll drop the bike.
    All the best
  6. hey shift, where from gippsland are ya?

    i also am from that area.
  7. just googled the bike, Looks nice ;) I think I would be happy with that in the long run:)
    Yeah well I had enough experience not to drop my trail bike too often

    Well gippsland Is a huge area ;)
    I'm about 15min from morwell
  8. yeah i know isnt it. im from sale.
  9. ahh yes so quite far away then, depending on how fast you ride ;)

    I love the idea of a supermoto, just found out what they are.
    I'm still trying to figure out what my needs in a bike are.
    Iv'e started a little book when I go driving, keep a log of how many k's I do if I took any passengers or luggage and the weather/road conditions.

    A bit much MAYBE but I want to figure out what I really want/need before I jump in.

    Of course I then will have to add the fact that when I get a motorbike I will more likely than not, make more excuses to go out on it in the first place :D
  10. just do it :D
  11. Welcome to NR :)
  12. welcome to NR. I ride an Aprilia RS 125, its a very nice bike. you can look into getting one of these.

  13. yeah i think i might just have too :D
    bugger it, i need it 'cause its friken awesome
  14. Thanks everyone for your advice and welcome's.

    Ive pretty much decided on a trail bike of around 350-450cc
    The xr400 looks the most likely as my price range is fairly low and it seems like a good bargain!!
  15. would a XR600R be too much? are they that much bigger than a 400?
  16. xr600 will be fine.
  17. Thanks jimmy thats nice to know
  18. you just gonna be riding it on the dirt, or bitumen also?

    they are a cheap base and really surprisingly good in the handling department.
  19. Post deleted (duplicate)
  20. bitumen a bit, but mostly dirt!
    I was enjoying the idea of getting of getting 17's road tires/wheels at some point if I find myself driving on bitumen more often than not, does that work? are there any issues with doing this without changing the suspension, I know its not a road bike and will handle acordingly but I assume it wont be dangerouse on the road and I also assume that road tires would make an improvment.