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Not bike related, but a few highlights from my holidays

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. After far too long, I got back in the air for a few skydives with some buddies while I was stateside. Lilley might want to have a watch for motivation to get back up there…

    alternate host on vimeo since YouTube has put a few restrictions on some devices as a result of the song choice:

  2. Looks like fun!
  3. It was a good time :) I missed the sky…

    How's the f4i?
  4. I like the Baloon jump!

  5. It does look like fun!... but I'll not be doing it!.... :cautious:

    Do you pack your own chute?
  6. That's awsome, I would never be able to that.....
  7. Indeeder! My main, at least. Reserve requires special certifications that aren't worth the effort, as far as I'm concerned :)
  8. Great. Need to work on a few small issues, but loving it so far. So much better to tip into a corner than my previous bike.
  9. My vertigo just went batshit crazy on me.

    I'm outta here.
  10. awww you're no fun :p
  11. That looks siiiiick! So awesome!

    Looks like good time were had by all!
  12. You know what's not fun? Shitting yourself to a youtube video.

    /wish i wasn't scared of heights :-(
    //want to sky dive, can't
  13. You're doing it wrong.
  14. :sick: