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NOT another "what bike should I get" question...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mikeythewonderdog, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. :grin:

    What I am actually after is any Ninja 250r owners who have ridden (or maybe who want something to do on the weekend) a Honda VTR250, and can give me a no-bulls%$@ comparison.

    I rode the GPX250 a little while ago, and while it was pretty nimble, I was... uninspired.

    But with the supposed "30% increase in power" I am interested to know if that is true, or dealer hype. No dealer in Perth Metro region has any to test ride, and apparently the next shipment will be about June/July (however, still none to test ride...) so "I should put a deposit down and they'll let me know when one arrives". Sorry, I'm not sure I want to buy a bike that I can't actually tell if I will like the ride...

    I walked away from testriding the VTR250 with a grin you could blind yourself on, but then did the same with the Hyosung GT250r... so I am thinking I'm just a low end torque kinda guy.

    So yeah, if someone out there could actually say 'Ninja 250r is a flash looking GPX' or 'no seriously it has the same/almost the same power down low as the Honda' that would freaking awesome.

    Thanks All!!
  2. The only reason I'm not riding a VTR250 is that I didn't like the feel of it - I sat on it and it didn't feel 'right' for me, but the GPX - old or new, every one I sat on felt good.

    My husband would have bought me the VTR if I had wanted it - Honda Reliability, excellent resale and great to ride.
  3. Performance differences, if any, are not worth worrying about - they're all twin cylinder 250s. Really your choice comes down to whether you want faired or naked (ie which you like the look of best), and which one seems the most comfortable for you.
  4. While I appreciate that a 2 fiddy is going to be a 2 fiddy regardless, I still think the v-twin felt a bunch more gutsy than the parrellel twin (at least the GPX/ZZR one), but I wonder if that may have been fixed.

    My downfall is I really quite like both the new Ninja and the VTR (can't comment on the comfort value, as noted...) so I can't just go for the one I like the look of the best...


    sucks to be me really...

    For all I know, my car will sell and I will be able to afford a bike straight away, and I'll then get whatever one I can get immediately... but at the moment, while my head is ruling my heart, I can at least pretend to be doing this logically!
  5. Re: NOT another "what bike should I get" question.

    The increase is entirely in the midrange apparently. Peak power is roughly the same.
  6. the ninja was reviewed in the latest AMCN.