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Not another tyre thread...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FLYREX, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. ...but yes, it is.

    Before you ask, yes I've hit the search button and read up on a heap of tyre threads, but I'd like some advice more subjective to my situation. I'm looking at doing longer rides over this summer so I'm thinking about ditching both the stock tyres and getting new ones.

    Quick run down on the current tyres (on a 2006 r6):
    - The rear is presently ok, about 60% tread left, but the wear is noticeably more to the left of the centre. Not by me, but was like that when I picked it up. I guess the previous owner didn't like right handers as much. It actually makes it harder to turn right now due to the angled wear on the rear.
    - The front is worn quite a bit more. The worst being halfway between the centre and the edge.

    I don't use my bike for commuting, only weeknights and weekends and unless I get caught out in the rain, only in dry/warm/hot weather conditions. Due to where I live, most of the riding will unfortunately be in a straight line, but I do head out to twisties when I can. Although my riding skills are improving, I'm still new to the bigger bike scene and I'm nowhere near leaning the bike over in corners, however I am hoping to be able to in the future.

    Been looking at Pilot Power/Pilot Road 2 and some others, but not sure which way to go. Maximum grip in the dry/warm conditions is a priority and longevity second to that.

    Fire away with any constructive advice. Let me know if you know of any good/cheap places to pick up a set and get them fitted (I'm in the northern suburbs of Melbourne). Thanks :)
  2. Pilot Power 2CTs for you, I reckon.
  3. If i read his post correctly he would be wasting his money on pilot powers.He would be beter on pilot roads or dunlop roadsmarts
  4. Yep, pilot powers
  5. 3 opinions so far with 3 different recommendations. lol that's helped to clear things up for me :-w