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Not another naked bike requesst

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Im Singing In The Rain, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Firstly , Sorry as i know this bike question has been asked before.
    For you readers its best that i describe my situation first so you can give me a more informed choice.
    So here goes
    Age 46
    Riding experience 18 months
    Yamaha XVS 650 Cruiser (now sold)
    Living in Melbourne , moving to Gold Coast for 2 years.
    Preferably wish to buy a new bike or superseded model.
    Budget $12000 or under, preferably $10000 or under all up
    Weekend rider only , occasionally to work which is a 20 minute drive to Willow Vale.
    Prefer an upright riding position and lots of low end torque and midrange.
    Not interested really in a 12000 rpm buzz box.
    Would like to change over to a naked or semi naked bike.
    Hieght 175 cm
    Weight 85kilo
    There are sooo many bikes in the 600-650 range its confusing
    Prefer low seat height, low weight and good power to weight ratio
    Have i missed anything?
    Bikes which interest me are xj6s, fz6s, zx6r ninja, gsxr650 and gsx650f
    Alkl suggestions much appreciated

  2. 2nd hand BMW F800S would just come into your budget. I have the ST which is very similar. Fantastic motor with lots of midrange go and no more dirty chains for me.
  3. try a sv650 or a kwaka versys/ern6 or the 675 trumpy which you may just find right up in the upper limit of your price range
  4. Really like the idea of the BMW. Trouble is there are so few of them around for sale. Is servicing expensive on a bike like this compared to a Jap one?
  5. BMW service intervals are 10k and I've only had the first 2. Price has been very reasonable but I understand the next one is bigger. Check with your local BMW people, I've found mine very helpful and professional.