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Not ANOTHER "helmet" post ...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VCM, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Sorry Guys/Gals ...
    Yep... another one of THOSE posts. I have searched the forum to the point of confusion and am no closer to a decision.
    I bought a Nitro N610V 6 mths ago ( very cheap, as I am a close friend of the crowd at Dandy Motorcycles ). It fitted me firmly as was happy with it.
    Also found the irridium visors were cheap ( 30 bucks ) and very effective in daylight/twilight >> almost never remove it.
    I have now found the padding has settled and the helmet is not as firm as it should be.
    My options : buy another Nitro ( possibly one better than I have ) or I can get the only Suomy helmet they have left in my size ( small ) which fits very firmly ( $100 ) :shock:
    However the irridium visor ( garner has one in stock ) is around $99. Its not a top end suomy ( TREK ), which does not have the suomy “Triangulated Fitâ€
    I cant afford to spend alot ( work has been slow ) so basically what I am asking is this:
    Should I get the low end suomy ( knowing the visors will cost me an arm and leg ) OR .. a new Nitro with the cheaper and more obtainable visors?

    I apologise in Advance .. I know you are all SICK of these types of posts.

  2. why do you have to have an iridium visor, isnt tinted good enough, if your low on cash? or if your LOW low, just use the clear visor, n wear sunnies :)
  3. Buy quality and sunglasses is my tip :grin:
  4. Nibor: Cant use sunnies ... i find em dropping down to obscure my view.
    I have tried tinted, not good when the sun goes down where the irridium still gives me good visibilty.

    2 wheels: I take it u mean " buy the suomy"? I havent been riding long so I dont really know whether the nitro is 'that' inferior. and YES you are right .. quality over price
  5. ive got a suomy...personal opinion good helmet for the price. visors do cost an arm and a leg though as they stopped importing suomy's about a year ago. however just recently another company has been importing them and selling new stock at verry high prices. tinted visors 120-140 :shock:

    if you can still find old helmet stock they are a bargain for the quality. i managed after alot of legwork to find a tinted black visor for $73 and there were a couple of irridium around for a bit cheaper so let your fingers do the walking

    note i didnt do the legwork so i couldnt tell you where sorry.

    however...just being a little loose isnt too bad so long as its still in contact with ur noggin.
  6. I think it highlights one of the failings of "cheap" helmets.
  7. Simple solution....
    buy your visors from ebay USA.
    I just bought a visor for my HJC, Peter Stevens wanted $65, I got it for $12.50 plus postage, after conversion to AUD it cost me $29.40 delivered to my door, I'm a happy camper.