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Not another flooded/idle problem plagued ZZR250!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by xii, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Hiya guys! I got my Ls a couple of weeks ago and finally got myself a ZZR250! problem is, it was running abit rough when I got it and I tried to tune it up. I got the carbs cleaned and synced but the idle speed was still no good.

    So I decided to get on the bike very early this morning and tried to start the bike from cold. It struggled to start with the choke on, went up to 3-4k rpm and i slowly let the choke off with some throttle. It died. I tried again, this time using a little throttle to keep the rev up. Died again.

    Now this was when stupid o me decided that the idle speed was no good. (yes i know now that idle speed should only be adjusted onced warmed up) I gave the idle speed adjuster a few good twists and tried to start it up a few times. OK i smell petrol...

    So yep ive flooded my carbs with the idle speed adjustment way out of whack. And at 4am in the morning too.

    What now? Start with full throttle to get rid of the flood first?

    What's the approximate idle speed adjuster position? Mine is such that the spring at where the adjuster cable enters the carb just touches the carb.

    Any advice of any kind would be greatly appreciated..


    feeling-stupid Xii

  2. these things can be a bit of a pig when its cold and you have to get the start pretty much first time when its around 1 deg. standard start is full choke, no throttle, kill off and start. will be a bit rough for 30 secs as it gets its things going but then ok from there. the choke on em is a little fiddly. as far as idle, yes it should be warm but you can always fix that easy. i use a meter but will have a look at the position tonight for you and see if i can see anything that might help.
    where are you ?.
  3. If flooded yes. Idle should be about 1250. Try suggestion above^ :D
  4. hey phiz, by any chance you wouldnt have a rear shock from your 650 that you dont need ?. want to put one in the back of the gippy. or know an easy place to get one ?.
  5. Thanks OldBell but I think Ive found the problem. Turns out one of the sparks was faulty!!
  6. I wouldnt be attempting an idle speed adjustment on these things until everything was warm. They are very sensative to choke and adjusting can be hit and miss even assuming everything else was in good shape.

    Having said that use full choke every time the engine is cold. It will cough after a few seconds. Stip cranking if it doesnt catch. Start again and it should fire and quickly climb to 4k.

    Once it can idle at about 2500 you're free to ride away. These things warm up much quicker under load so a k or so down the road you should be able to back the choke lever right off.

    Basically start then gear up and you'll be right to go.
  7. thats it. as your gear goes on the bike is good to go. at least it was only a sparky in the end.
    easy fix
  8. Thanks for the tips guys, I found that when i choke the thing up to 4.5k rpms and slowly let it off, it will hover at abit below 1krpm and slowly die off. My idle is set at about 1.4krpm.

    Now i let it die if it does, put my gear on, start it up again and ride off. Seems to work fine but I go easy for the first few Kms. I wonder if thats alright?
  9. if its cold ( it is ) you want that choke on about 2500 while your gear goes on. after a few mins it should idle at about 1250 or so ( if correct ) and then you can go. leaving the choke on at about 2000 for the first few k's is no problem either.