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Not another British car! (has he gone mad?!)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by typhoon, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Yep, I'd say he has gone mad!

    Great little cars, 1150kgs, 10.5 to 1 compression 3.5 litre V8, stock around 150hp, easy to get 200 hp out of them. Aluminium engine,bonnet and boot means really nice neutral handling.
    Planning the 5 speed swap now and looking at wheel options (no one makes performance 14" tyres anymore, so best to go to 15" rims).
    Bought it in Sydney, and drove it home through heavy traffic rain and 2 hours of freeway speeds, so I'd say it's mechanically O.K!
    Old persons car, heaps of receipts right back to when it was bought, just a lovely clean straight car. Had to buy it ! :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. Cupholders?
  3. Should be right at home then :LOL:.

    Looks good, Andrew; apart from rampant rust round the boot section that series Rover was a great car....
  4. I think that the donk in those things was originally designed by BMW just after the war but the yanks took the plans and handed them to Buick I think as a 4.4 litre. Leyland bought it resleeved it down to a 3.5 Litre and used it for years right up through the SD 1 model and even the P76 was useing it in the 4.4 Litre form.
  5. This thing is totally, and I mean totally rust free, which is why I bought it. I can't find anything more than some surface rust in the engine bay where heat etc has attacked some small areas of paint.
    My fiancee has already been gong hard on the old man, hat on the parcel shelf and parking it at the bowls club jokes, so too late Paul!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. That looks great, congratulations!

    You have to admire the engineering and design of the Rover 3500 (and the later SD-1). Unfortunately it's impossible to admire the build quality...

    Good luck!
  7. The buid quality of the P6 was pretty good, actually. At least mine was.
    Lovely drive it was, too.
    Unlike the SD1, which was a steaming pile of horse poo!
  8. I used to rebuild brake callipers for a living, and I have to admit that the rover rear caliper was a work of engenering art gears and levers everywhere
  9. I had a lovely Scottish friend in Canberra many years ago, who had a (predictably) lumpy SD-1. I asked him what it was like, and he said, "I call it the Bionic Dog. Everytime it goes, it stops," in his wonderful brogue :LOL:.
  10. Reminds me of my step dad!!!

    He has a Rover too, won't let me drive it.. Even though I'd lose my licence for that, damn V8's.. Also something to do with my knack of reversing into things :?

    Cool cars though... For old people I guess :p
  11. Yeah, I rate the Professionals quite highly too! Probably many years of watching British 70's police dramas has rubbed off on me!
    Was thinking of getting teh Hi/lo police airhorns off Ebay for it! :LOL:
    I was thinking about buying another Jag, but they're just too big and heavy to be really sporty.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Well done!!!
    Love the 3.5 motor. Great torque for such a litlle engine.
    Hate the carbs. Hate the constant need to top up the oil reservoirs/rebalance/top up the oil reservoir/ rebalance the carbs.......top up the carbs...rebalance the oil....
    I love this model and despite a fervent desire to keep it original, I think I'd be hunting down early (flapper type) EFI motor out of a rangie and doing a swap..

    Good luck
  13. A 5 speed box livens the 3.5 up nicely, that and a four barrel carb (or 2" HS8 SU's off a Jag) and mild cam. :twisted:
    They're torquey due to teh high compression.
    SU carbs aren't everyones cup of tea, I don't mind tuning them, once they are right, they're very low maintenence. They are a LOT like motorcycle carbs.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. I'd have to second that; over three SU-ed Triumphs, I only had one set of carbies tuned and they stayed that way the whole time I owned them. I think sometimes they have inherited an undeserved reputation from being used on some ordinary Brit cars..
  15. Congrats Typhoon :grin: .

    Reminds me of my first car , a 1974 3500s (the manual version) and 2nd car, a 1978 SD1 3500 auto.

    Brings back memories.... (wipers not working..., the hub caps being nicked etc :oops: ).
  16. Agreed. And often complained about when they are 30+ years old! :roll:
    I also think the fact SU's were used on some pretty high performance engines, and people expecting glass smooth idles etc from such engines.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Looks nice and straight :cool:

    Enjoy the mods and keep us posted as to how it's all going
  18. Andrew, you'll only get my respect if the next British car you buy is Sierra Cosworth XR4i. . . . . . . :twisted:
  19. Scone holders.