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NOT an anti-Hornet 600 post, but....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TheYak, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. I've had occasion over the last couple of weeks to be on the same bit of road as quite a few Hornet 600s, and it baffles me continually to observe the gymnastics and breath-holding most riders have to go through in the simple act of going round the gentlest of corners. The other Sunday coming down Macquarie Pass, perversely a favourite haunt of Hornet riders of all sorts, not just 600s, a rider in front of us nearly pitched himself and his pillion into the bush when, at a very easy speed, he succeeded in both grounding his footpegs AND losing his monocle on the causeway just after the second hairpin. Seriously, I was looking for an escape route. The shower of religious expletives wouldn't have been out of place in a metal Church....

    I know the non-existent torque and the bikini fairing has its attraction, and, as I've said many times here, I reserve a final judgement on the whole 'Hornet' thing until I've seen somebody ride one in a non-gay fashion, but I can't for the life of me work out the attraction of a device which takes away one of the main things for which a motorcycle is attractive, that is, going round corners.....

  2. Good one :)
  3. touche :)
  4. I'm not racist, but...
  5. :D

    Monocle. Lol.
  6. Ha Ha!!

    *backs away real slow*
  7. "Our father who art in heaven, protect my from the big bad cruisers, may my tyres wear straight & true, blessed be the naked bikes, amen"
  8. Hrrm, hornet I do believe you have well and truely just been made fun of. Not that I disagree with your post that much at all.
  9. He's not lying! Here's Loz grounding out the pegs on his old Hornet. Heck, the following R1 was barely idling along at around 4000rpm on the dial.

  10. a wonderfully-constructed post :LOL:
  11. I agree with your views in the original post, but gotta admit...this one was pretty good piss-take :rofl: ...And it came with proof that Hornets do indeed have a problem of dragging their pegs - ala Loz. Thanks for that one Flux. :LOL:

  12. Heheheh....Oh lord Oh lord!

    Erm, been driving my hornet 600 for the last 4 years and never had this problem......maybe I go around corners too sloooowww?

    Hmm, I'm kinda of a speed freak but maybe its my illusion....

  13. This is a true gem!

    Complete with the mandatory Loz mention :)
  14. I present the following for consideration: I took this photo of Sarz on a Hornet 600 at a HART training day.

    And nope, she didn't bin it. :)

  15. Damn that's a lotta lean!!!
  16. that looks like a front end thats about to give way.

    oh and note the knocked over cones. wouldn't get that on a triumph rocket 3
  17. love the vid of the rocket 3 :p

    very good post OP.

    i had a hornet 600 for a few weeks, didnt like it, so i wrote it off... if only :( (time to move onto bigger and better things? :p )