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Not Alone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RobE, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Travelling on the freeway, 100 kmh, middle lane, plenty of cars, full face helmet and ... something starts walking across my cheek.

    Commonsense says it must be a tiny black ant that lost its way while scouting in my garage; millions of them live in the brickwork and under the slab.

    Imagination demands that it is a malevolent poisonous spider that is preparing to sting my eyeball and then lay eggs in my brain.

    I remember the arachnid/insect horror stories from earlier Forum postings; including the one by the rider who observed a huge hairy huntsman skittering across the inside of his visor.

    So I pushed my helmet against my cheek with my left hand and I must have stunned the poor little thing.

    Funny the things that you think of when you do not have a car radio to distract you.
  2. Just wait till you get one that crawls into your ear :LOL:
  3. on occasion i've had sweat run into my ear, giving me a sensation of something crawley making its way deeper and deeper.

    i get some looks from drivers as i bang on the side of my helmet with my head at an angle trynig to shake it out...

    today a bee was buzzing around my visor and i closed all my vents just to make sure he wasnt going to end up inside.
  4. Well I've stopped my car in the middle of the road when I had a huntsman in it, fark I would probably do a wheelie into a fence if that happened while riding..

    Closest I've ever been was a cockroach crawled on my helmet while I was unlocking everything in the morning b4 heading off to work! So glad it dropped off when I picked it up.
  5. The scene: Oran Park Raceway on a sunny Monday afternoon. Mid-way through a climbing right-hander which switches to a left decending turn at the crest.

    The position: Hanging off to the right, lent over, running about 140km/h.

    Enter, stage left: One bee, straight into the small gap at the bottom of my visor.

    I was not impressed.
  6. One day hammering out of an onramp to the Bruce Highway (60 to 110kph) a cockroach crawls to the center of my visor causing me to go cross-eyed while merging :|

    I no longer leave my helmet on the floor of the wardrobe.
  7. I wish I hadn't read this thread..........
  8. Travelling on the GOR once there were quite a few of those tiny bugs flying around, one got into my helmet and proceeded to crawl into my ear! Took some effort to come to a stop and remove the helmet without freaking out and losing it! :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Keep your helmet inside somewhere clean and frequented.

    you chances of having something living in it will drop.
  10. I was riding along at about 40-50 Km's when in my lower peripheral I saw a leaf on my windscreen. Closer inspection determined it wasn't a leaf but a huntsman (just a baby though, a bit bigger than a 50c coin). Calmly I flicked it off with my left hand.

    The thing that would have freaked me out is if it had scampered off and I couldn't find it. That when my imagination would have kicked in...

    After finding another 2 on the bike while I was parked I don't park down that end of my yard anymore.
  11. .... so what was it?
  12. Stop panicking, you girlie men. Most of those crawlie thingies won't hurt you. Stay in control, then crush them. nothing to panic about.
  13. Apprehesion is when whilst riding though traffic you see a spider on you visor.

    Balls is when you forget the traffic, focus on the spider alone and try to squash it first with one glove, then with both.

    Fear is when you realise the spider is inside your visor and all you done is made it angry.

    Panic is what happens when it escapes across your forehead and into the safety of your scalp!

    And when you are of an age where you can't focus on the damn thing in the first place, so can't identify friend or foe at close range, all the above emotions are doubled! :shock:

    I speak from experience.......
  14. There is no such thing as the poor little thing, when the huge bloody thing is crawling across my face, I dont care how friendly or harmless it is.

    I wear an open face helmet and my eyes cannot see what is crawling on my face or what is alive and kicking in my beard.

    Its kill kill kill.
  15. ever had a weird tickle that moved around when you move & freaked you out?

    then you realised it was a hair ?
  16. Sooks. It is simply traffic light snacks. Munch out, all of yez. problem solved.
  17. Yes, especially when I cant see it and dont know what it is.
    My mind boggles. There is all sorts of bities that want to crawl all over you.
  18. Pretty often for me, I needs a haircut :<

    Still gets me everytime too.
  19. First time I had a run in with one of the little critters I breathed it in through my nose (ahh, it burns), then it came out a minute later on my tongue. Turned out to be just a fly though I could have sworn it was much bigger.
    When you get one of em dont even breathe, unless you're really hungry :shock:.
  20. Thanks to this thread - I had a " moment " this morning - half way to work, felt a tingle on top of my head, tried adjusting helmet etc and still felt like something on my head - bloody paranoia or what - was just an itchy scalp. - had a chuckle.