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Not all car drivers are out to get you.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Was riding home on my evening commute when cars on the opposite side started flashing their lights at me.
    about 5-6 cars were flashing so my immediate thought was a speed detection device over a crest of a railway junction. So i slow down and one more driver flashes his lights and waves frantically.
    As i approach the crest well below the limit there across the road was a huge aluminium ladder someone had lost from their vehicle.
    I shudder to think what may have happened if i was approaching that at the normal speed since it was just over the other side of the crest and would have been impossible to stop in time.
    In a car you would drive over the top of it maybe sustaining some undercarriage damage.
    On a bike it would be much worse and I shudder to think what the consequences could have been. So a big thank you to all the drivers in Spotswood who flashed their lights at me (I was the only approaching vehicle at the time) I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  2. That was thoughtful of them. Big thumbs up to them from me. :grin:

    The drivers that provided the warning that it. Not the idiot who lost his ladder. :)
  3. That was very nice. You are right, not all cagers are out to get us. But always be aware of the other lot.
  4. So did you return the favour by stopping and moving the ladder, smee? :p
  5. I almost certainly did. Parked the bike a touch further up and made sure no one was behind me, ran over to itand was going to move it when a Ute appeared and he took one look at it and decided he would score it. (it may have been the owner who knows.)
    I got back on the bike and took off.
    In fact If I had a ute I would have taken it for myself because it was a beauty though a bit battle scarred.
  6. Congrats Smee from a :newb: to Netrider.

    I agree that not all cages are out to get riders. Speaking from my own experience I have never held a car licence :oops:

    Although some drivers should be banned from driving for sheer stupidity.

    Just my two cents worth.
  7. :LOL:

    I was thinking exactly the same thing myself......
  8. Im a cage driver lookin to free myself.

    I bare close attention to bike riders, coz i know that theyre easy to miss.

    We're really not all posessed :)