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Not all cagers are bad news...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wedge, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. I have to give tribute when it is due, and yesterday was no exception.
    Went for a ride with QBNSpeedfreak and Ricecooker down to Malua Bay, to test out Ricey's new wheels. Heading down the Clyde and it was a pretty smooth run, with Rice right at home with her ZXR636 :cool: . What made this run even better, apart from the warm weather on the caost and the food at the bay was the run home.
    With courteous cagers making it easier to pass, by moving over that bit extra allowing a further line of sight and a piece of mind that they know what your intentions were. For me it was a welcome gesture, and made passing in the heavy winds easier.
    Overall a great run, may the courteous cager flourish in our idiocracy of road users. :grin:

  2. What? You mean when someone wants to overtake, you don't hog the centreline and speed up as they move over to pass? :rofl:
    I thought that was what the Road users manual said to do, as everyone does it.
    I have always made it easier for people to overtake me by moving over as you have said. I just don't get the whole "I am king of the road, no one shall overtake my bloated family sedan!" mentality!

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. all with the exceptions of the one cage that pulled into the overtaking lane early as you went to go past then stayed there karl.

    but yes it was nice to see them give us all plenty of room, even when we were crossing double whites to pass, they gave us enough room to hop back in when needed.
  4. Were probably riders :p

    But really, its good when people are considerate. I can't stand it when you're on a single lane road, they're going WELL under the speed limit and they're either oblivious that you're even behind them / aren't considerate enough to make it easier for you to overtake.
  5. my cage has a netrider sticker on the back.. i'd hate to think of the blasting on here id get if i didnt show that sort of courtesy to riders. nice to har of other road users doing the same thing though. bout time.