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Not a VLog...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by WKD60, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. ... But some footage thrown together from a recent trip up the Gillies on what was a lovely NQ winter's day, with light traffic. A chance to put together a clip to showoff the StripleR! Shame the FOV was a bit shite. But, still, some good footage I think?

    Camera is a chin mounted SJ4000 @ 1080p 30fps.

    Got a bit of work to do making a more professional clip. The software far outperforms my nerd-ability.

    Same goes for the bike. The STR is a pearler and I'm a LONG way from riding it at it's limits. She delivers with so much confidence, and just wants to go harder. The engine and dynamics practically yelling at me "C'mon ya pansy, let's go! Faster faster faster!!". The Metzellers and chassis are fantastic. So much feedback. It's a hoot to ride!
    May need to get some track time up here in the not too distant future. Not that we have much of a track to speak of...

    I rode well within the bike's limits, and to a lesser extent mine. I felt pretty comfortable during the 'push' without giving myself any frights. (My previous trip up their on the Gladius some months ago, coming down the opposite way, I locked the rear as I turned in on a hairpin... That sure gave me a fright!)

    This was the first run up the Gillies on the Stripler, and easily the hardest I've pushed a bike through a set of twisties. If I pushed that hard on the Gladius I'd be a mess of nerves...
    I wouldn't want to push much harder on a public road than I did anyway.

    Feel free to provide me with constructive criticism of my riding. I know some of my lines need work. Tight entries, instead of wide and so on. And a moment of fixation when I found myself focusing on the center-line. Can you pick it?
    But I focus more on road craft than speed, and always will. I'm still very much a novice, learning!

    As for the road, it's fantastic. The Gillies is a fantastic ribbon of tarmac snaking up the range. Being NQ, there's no moss to worry about... Ever. It's well kept, with little to no 'rough spots' in any of the corners. The tarmac is great quality and quite smooth all the way up. Nice wide lanes, and well defined. A number of overtaking lanes and slow vehicle turnouts so you don't get stuck in traffic for too long. (I refuse to overtake over doubles)

    It's a shame it takes me 4 hrs to get there. And there's nothing closer worth going to.

    Anyway, that's the StripleR. Like a proud father, I just had to share.

    Oh, and not sure what's wrong with my speedo. It was terribly inaccurate during this ride?
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  2. Nice , like the road. And 4.05 right?
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  3. Nice twisties. Just my opinion, but your camera angle could be a bit higher as difficult to see anything further out than just in front of you.
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  4. You got it :blackeye:

    Yeah mate, agreed. That's what I was referring to when I said the FOV was a bit shite (y)
    I fixed it the next day after viewing the footage when I got home. Thus: