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Not a typical 'land filtering' thread...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FoxRiderJ, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Now personally, i never do this this kind of splitting, but i'd like to gauge the opinion of the wider motorcycling community.

    So this morning on my commute via Five Dock, cruising along in the left track of a single lane through steady traffic. Up ahead, a rider going the opposite way decided traffic was too much for him, decided to lane split - crossing the centre line and riding between cars going opposite directions.

    It didn't bother me one bit as i had enough buffer space and i saw him jump out of traffic, but the cages in front had to veer away from him as he approached, same thing on my rear view as he passed.

    I'm of the mantra to ride your own ride, and if this is the rider's style, then more power to him. But is this riding behaviour acceptable in the overall commuting community?
  2. I'm not a fan of manouvers that rely upon action by other road users to ensure their safe completion (eg oncoming vehicles moving over to make room because I'm across the centreline) because (a) I simply don't trust other road users enough and (b) I was always taught, bike car or truck, that it is discourteous to require other road users who are behaving legitimately to perform some positive action to avoid me.

    'Swhy folk who pull out of side turnings into rapidly moving traffic and then accelerate like an arthritic snail piss me off so much.
  3. News just in......this is a typical 'lane filtering' thread.

    See below for details.
  4. surely he (assuming) was just trying to freak people out, which it sounds like he did.

    i can't imagine anyone would try that as a daily practice ?
  5. I've done it once, and not to "freak people out". It was a drizzly day and on a single lane road, one lane each direction, the traffic was at a basic standstill. I rode between the cars at a slow pace because frankly, what's the difference?
  6. it is perfectly acceptable - if they are doing a wheelie with a supermodel on the pillion seat.

    I thought everybody knew this?
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  7. I think this type of filtering is giving the riding community a bad name.. It just gives cagers more reasons to demand something to be done about bikes filtering in general.. IMO..
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  8. OP is a little ambiguous (or maybe it's just my pre-coffee head).

    Was he pretty much *on* the centre-line, with cars going the same way as him on his left and the opposite way to him on his right?

    Or was he one lane further right, with cars going the opposite way to him on both sides of him?

    In terms of reactions, PatB nailed it: if my actions are requiring other road users to change what they'd do otherwise, I'm (a) being an inconsiderate dick and (b) putting myself at unnecessary risk.
  9. I did it a bunch of times in Asia

    Over here.. if the traffic was moving and your post makes it sound like it was, then i wouldn't be doing it.

    If it was all at a standstill? then probably.
  10. This. He was on the centre line, single lane both ways. He was going opposite my direction, it was his end that traffic was at a standstill, whilst my end was flowing.

    I was more afraid for the rider because all it takes is a cager to be fiddling with his stereo / reaching for his iPhone / applying makeup to have a head on collision with him. Nobody expects a vehicle to be there.
  11. Just cause you don't have the skillz
  12. Or the arsehole..(and we all know them)... who decides,
    "Hey, lookit this jerk on a bike, I'm gunna scare the beejesus outta him....."
    .....and swerves deliberately, and takes the rider out..... :(
  13. That kind of filtering is common practice in the UK.
  14. What sort of speed was involved?

    I've done that a few times at relatively low speeds (under 40km) and once at 100km. At 100 it was a calculated manoeuvre on a wide road, you could have easily 'filltered' a car through the gap.
  15. oh, thats boring, i thought they were filtering between moving traffic on a multi lane the wrong way, jeez, they are not even really on the wrong side of the road then.
  16. This. Its easy. even at lower speeds its easy.
  17. Still less smart when how much it hurts is all about relative speeds... and on-coming ones are additive rather than subtractive.
  18. Some people are crazier than others, no matter how safe they are doing it. Other people would perceive it differently and could give riders a bad image.
  19. Just to clarify, I'll quite hapily go out over the centre line as long as there's room. As noted, it's common practice in the UK where I cut my filtering teeth (although going round the wrong side of traffic islands will earn you a chat with a gentleman in blue :D). Hell, it's only an overtaking manouver.

    My concern is with forcing oncoming vehicles to avoid you if there isn't already a sufficient gap. Apart from the courtesy aspect, what happens when one of them doesn't?
  20. Damn it, you caught me. I was mad jelly at his awsm skllz.