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Not a SMIDSY - Eye contact made

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by middo, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I had one of those moments a couple of days ago. I had left the shopping centre with my homebrew needs for the next few weeks, and was travelling along a 50 road. A road entered to the left, and when I was pretty close, some bastard came out in front of me. What gets to me is that he looked me in the eye before he decided to pull out. I had to brake hard to avoid collecting him.

    But this time, I was in the cage, and it was a bike I nearly ran over.
  2. Was the homebrew in your car or in your guts!

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  3. Caught an old friend staring at me across a crowded room.
    They moved towards me.
    But they didn’t stop, or say a word, as they moved on past to vanish behind me.
    Collared them on their way back. “ Sorry, I didn’t see you.”
    They were staring at the toilet sign, beyond and behind me.
    (Note: no SMIDSY avoidance/attention grabbing manoeuvres deployed above)

    People look, and they can appear to be looking straight at you.
    Doesn’t mean that they register your presence. That they “see” you.
    Or, if they do, it can be at the last minute, when you’re upon them ... even at walking speed.

    “If your body matches
    what your eyes can do,
    You’ll probably move right through
    me on my way to you.”
    - Paralyzer
  4. Before people can see you, they have to be looking for you.
  5. If this was a car that pulled out there would be enough flame here to put out the sun.
    SMIDSY is within us all.
    Being on a bike make us more vulnerable.
    We look smaller so they think further away.
    We look less of a danger so we look further away.
    First thing they are looking for is another car. Not a bike, so their poor brain has to work twice. Usually their right foot presses down before they have processed the second thought.
    I don't know what we can do to stop them or us doing it.
    BUt I do know if you ride defensively you will have a better chance of finding him first. And that's the trick with mr smidsy. Expect him I guess.
    But once you have found him you need to move to offensive riding to beat him.
    If that makes sense.
  6. Love the punchline!
  7. A motorcyclist deliberately pulling out into an oncoming car wouldn't happen often... sounds like a young buck, young, dumb and full of cum.
  8. Yep. Expect the unexpected...it's the only way to ride and stay alive.
  9. Hey I resemble that statement.

    Aside from the full of cum bit... i sort that out very frequently.
  10. He did look under 20. I reckon if I clipped him at all he would have gone under the Navara I was driving. It would have been messy.
  11. Once I was turning into a driveway on my bike and I saw a car ebraking to avoid t-boning me! This is the only time this has ever happened to me. I don't know wtf happened, where the car came from etc. It was a middle aged woman so I figure she probably wasn't hammering it or doing something silly. Luckily she was on the ball she saved my bacon.

    That really shook me and I don't know how I didn't see her! Ive never done anything like that before but I'll tell you what - having your life in someone else's hands is frightening. This was about 2-3 years ago but I'll never forget it.
  12. Navara..SUV..that explains a lot...

    Handling akin a bowl of jelly
    Regularly looses drag races to randy snails
    Outbraked by a slowing supertanker
  13. All too true, but also carries three kids and a dozen hay bales without needing a serious clean afterwards. Also good for getting to the beach over the sand dunes so the missus and I can go swimming on a beack on our own. Yep, you need a 4WD ute on a farm.
  14. Horses for courses, as they say....