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(not a safety thread) need help with wheelies

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Removed_User6, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. yep as the title says , i need some help with wheelies .
    What I recon i need is someone there to watch them and talk us through it .
    I have a place very close , industrial estate , abandoned at nights
    extra wide roads etc .

    if you are able to help ring me on my mobile 0425873437

    tonight if at all possible

    4 inch wheelier
  2. You were once a my role model. But now you are practicing Illeigal activities and should be branded an outlaw :?
  3. vtr1000?? lean back and twist :LOL:
  4. Tip #1 - Don't practise on a bike that you'll cry over if you drop/flip it. Not saying you will, am saying that it can and does happen. Much like when riding as a learner. Higher chance of dropping said beloved bike.
  5. nothing illegal , just practising emergancy procedures if i get a front tyre deolaminate while i am riding :p
    but I am doing it off the roads and away from residential areas . :)
  6. yeah, most people practice stunting in their private driveways, big driveways, but at least its legal :LOL:

    try www.ozstuntbikes.com or www.stuntlife.com theres a few more but i forget them now.
  7. i know the theory , but i cant get in down .
    I need to watch someone close up , then they can give me some advise.
    its easier to watch and learn then read .

    but thanks fotr all the sites etc everyone .

    I am on one of those forum coconuts :D
  8. Personally,
    i think what you are doing is fine, 8)
    just as long as you do not attempt (or even think about) claiming TAC in the event of a mishap. :evil:

    the Jolly Blue Urban Race Marshals may think otherwise if you are practicing on a 'Road Related Area'.
    Even an off-road car park is treated as 'Road Related Area' unless it is fenced off from public access. :idea:
  9. we are talking about popping small wheelies , first gear , or maybe even second gear clutch ups , not setting land speed records.
    I do them now but only small , and want to het them up higher , not all the way to balance point .
    and when i clutch up , i just shot forward.
    having someone who is pro-ficant at them in person is probably the safest way of doing it .
  10. Would love to come outy and help mate,unfortunately its not possible as of this time,after the new year we'll catch up though :wink:
  11. cheers big fella .
    Hopefully by then i will be better at them , so you wont need to teach me everything .
  12. no wakas mate 8) lol that would be cool mate,then we could just go out terrorising the norms with big wheelies :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Hey Groberts, I'm crap at wheelies too so I won't be able to help, other than to make you feel better about your own efforts. :LOL: :LOL:

    Give us a shout next time your heading out and I'll come and make you laugh.
  14. Hey groberts , i bags Paul first . I want him to follow me on a lap of the spur .
  15. Wheelies are the bike equivalent of the milo tin exhaust - strictly for those with asian heritage in the groin area :)
  16. lmao :D :LOL:

    Isnt that the usual comment form people who cant do them? :D :LOL:
  17. Nah, just those that don't need too :LOL:
  18. lol dont worry mate,i'll teach ya how to do them one day :D :LOL: :LOL:
  19. OK .. in between the trout hunting :D You could use the Across :LOL: