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NOT a ride, but an event for riders

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Most of you know the recent epic battle fought against Singleton Council by our friends John and Kim at The Grey Gum Cafe, on the Putty Road.

    Well as a thank you for the efforts of many, many riders, from many places, and as a way of putting back, having been given so much, John and Kim are conducting a fundraiser for Parkinson's Disease research, as per the attached flyer.

    All riders and friends are invited for a great day of fun. I don't need to tell most NSW riders how appreciated they are by this wonderful couple, so come along and enjoy the show, and let John and Kim show YOU how much THEY care.

    Parkinsons NSW Media Release Ammended.
  2. This actually coincides with the May Putty Run.
  3. I don't and I'm curious.
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  6. This should be a great show. My good mate, Thommo with whom I shared a room at recruit training at Kapooka in 1972, is exhibiting some of his original water colour art work and it will be on sale on the day. As well, my wonderful wife will also be having her first exhibition of botanical artwork in water colour alongside Thommo's works. Plan to be there if you can, support a good cause, (raising money for research into Parkinson's Disease - Thommo's partner has Parkinson's) enter the raffle to win one of Dave's paintings and join in the general revelry.
  7. Bumping this.....

    It's this Sunday, the forecast is for good weather, so why not toddle along, or better still join in the Putty Ride (see separate thread) and get along and be appreciated by our good friends John and Kim??
  8. Really, really wish we could be there to support them. Please pass on our wishes for a great day to them please Hornet :)
  9. I certainly will, Alison :)
  10. 'Twas a terrific day.

    There was over 100 bikes there at the very peak of the day and probably 40 cars, including a dozen MG sports cars from the MG Car club of Sydney. Kim had a band, several stalls selling market-y type stuff, and other food, and she and her staff were run ragged all day. As a social event it was a huge success, and as a fund-raiser it exceeded expectations; there was over $700 raised in the sale of raffle tickets alone. A couple of the paintings on display were sold as well.

    Thanks to those who supported John and Kim and the Parkinson's Foundation, and I have no doubt this was the first of many such events that will be held at the Grey Gum Cafe.
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  11. And now I want an Alpaca.
    And a big-arsed duck...
  12. Any coverage from any media at all? These are the sort of things that should be reported, I know, I can dream!!
  13. No, mate there was no media coverage apart from a long plug by Alan Jones on his radio programme for people to attend and support the event.

    With another being planned, I'll be sure to suggest this to John and Kim (y)