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Not a new rider, sorta

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by boy.racer, May 13, 2010.

  1. Wow, first time I've ever actually posted on Netrider!

    Been lurking here for about a year now, so it feels a bit weird to actually make a whole thread 8-[

    I've had my L's for a little over a year and never actually got around to graduating (lazy), so I just renewed them...

    Living in Frenchs Forest in Syd atm, but spent most of last year back and forth between here and Bathurst for uni, clocked up 26,000 km on a GT250R (yeah, I know...flame on), I'd still be riding it now but It got written off a few weeks back.

    I figured now would be a good time to make a profile and maybe a thread on how I go trying to get the other party's insurance to pay up, seeing as I'm busing it for a bit and a written record isn't bad for insurance purposes :wink:
  2. G'day mate!

    Welcome :)
  3. welcome mate
  4. Thanks guys!

    Turns out I won't be writing up about the Insurance battle, turns out they are just going to pay up a decent amount and I'll be back on the road in a week!

    GS500 time!!!!:dance:
  5. Welcome, boy_racer !
  6. geez, man, going another, how long?, on Ls just because you can't be bothered sitting the test?

    anyway, none of my business, welcome to posting on Netrider :).
  7. I can't deny that I am the stupid kind of lazy, but at least I'm allowed to ride


    Going for my P's soon now that I've bought my new bike, if they pass me it would be a friggin miracle 8-[
  8. Welcome fellow Netrider.:biker:

    Have fun, you'll meet some..ahem..interesting folk here!


  9. I am gonna try not to run a cropper with the fluro vest brigade, but they will smell my stupid from a mile off :wink:

    Thanks for the welcome mate!
  10. Mate, welcome to NR

    Feel free to come on down to Homebush on Sat avo to see how you'll do at the test 8-[

    Cheers :D
  11. Thanks for the invite Oz, might take you up on that.