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Not a near miss - not even close

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by b12mick, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. I thought I'd post this up here because it is such a rare event.

    Today on the way to work I encountered no idiots, morons, SMIDSY's, no close calls, no one trying to race me around the round-a-bouts. I didn't see anyone talking on their phones, eating, drinking, smoking, changing CD's. Everyone was on their best behaviour, they even used their indicators properly.

    I'd better be extra careful on the way home, they're probably just trying to lull me into a false sense of security. Bstrds.
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  2. Was there even anyone on the road?

    It may be a precursor to a zombie apocalypes
  3. Yep, usual amount of traffic, in fact most of the same cars I see every morning.

    I'm actually worried now, because maybe they all knew something I didn't.
  4. Definitely zombi land.
  5. This thread is GOLD!!!
  6. I know its so bizarre not having some knob trying to kill me on the daily commute..

    Maybe this is all a dream
  7. go back and try, you're obviously doing something wrong :LOL:
  8. Be afraid...... Be very afraid.......
  9. Pull the other one!

    I dunno why the coppers dont ride unmarked bikes. The number of times I see a car up front going strangely (too slow, weaving in lane,...) and then when I catch up theyre on the phone or texting...
  10. Well that's one.

    Scorecheck - 1
  11. Where was this? We don't post stories about make-believe places!
  12. Wake up Neo ! the matrix almost had you!

    Ok this is just weird...... Did they lock everyone up at your side of town today... had a silly commute today .. traffic was packed, even on my 'alternate, longer :D ' route .....

  13. There are unmarked motorcycle police...usually ride black ones with black leather...
  14. you can't be serious, not one near miss... drivers behaving well o0
    It's almost as believable when I had a taxi driver say sorry to me for nearly merging in on me! ;)
  15. then the alarm went off and you woke up