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Not a near miss, but a direct smash from behind!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Justin Stacks, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. I was in a motorbike accident on Saturday. A rear ender. I was sitting at a red light in a right turn lane only, when an older woman who saw the green light for going straight was travelling in the right turn only lane and continued to drive through, even though me and a mate who was also on a motorbike, were sitting there stationary. Her mini SUV went right through both of us, and needless to say we went flying. Someone had to chase her down across the intersection to get her to stop.

    Her first words were "why were you stopped, it's a green light?"

    WTF!!! Are you serious???

    First of all - you are in the wrong fu*king lane to be going straight!
    AND - even if we happened to be stopped in the lane to go straight, you don't just look at the green light as your cue to proceed, you must look in front of you to make sure there isn't anyone in front of you.

    These are the drivers we have to contend with on our roads!

    My bike is a write-off. I'm lucky to be alive, let alone walking. I've only been riding for 7 months, so I'm pretty shook up having this happen.

    I love riding, but I'm still in two minds if I will buy another bike. I need some time to mull it over.
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  2. Glad to hear your alright, a bike can always be replaced.

    I'm not shocked at the stories you hear, I spend 90% of my day behind the wheel, and the shit I see day in and day out is unbelievable
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  3. Glad you're OK.
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  4. Do you have insurance?
    Did you report it to the police?
    if she attempted to flee the scene of an accident etc... shes in a world of hurt.

    Hope you and your friend pulled up okay, and you take this biatch to the cleaners, she is at fault etc..

    can you provide more details?

    you should get another bike..
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  5. that's crap... sorry to hear that....
    when stopped at lights gotta check mirrors to make sure what's coming up behind is actually gonna stop... then move if it looks like a no..
    what a cow...
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  6. Wrong place, wrong time, through no fault of your own. Shit happens, glad your ok, get back on.
    As an aside, did you not see her approaching in your mirrors?
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  7. Holy crap.

    First of all.. Glad you're okay.

    Secondly, that's some seriously negligent/homicidal driving by the sound of it.. :/ As if it wasn't bad enough that she drove straight through you, she also didn't stop. That's just f&^$ed. Reminds me of a vid that was on here a while ago where a driver turned across a road in front of an oncoming motorcycle (who low sided in front of her), and the driver proceded to drive _over top of the motorcycle_ and on her way.. :/

    Thirdly, I hope that they are able to throw the book at this one and keep her off the road for a while (ideally for good).

    Fourthly, completely understandable that you're questioning things. I'd like to think though that your experience is not representative of typical behaviour of other road users though, and you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm sure you could sit at the same intersection another 10,000 times and never have anything like that happen again. Cold comfort maybe, but I reckon you have been very, very unfortunate to have something like that happen :(

    Now that all of that's out of the way, I'm going to ask the question that you've likely already asked yourself a few times.. Can you think of anything that _you_ might have done differently to change how things turned out? Were there any warning signs? When was the first time you spotted her approaching? Was the bike in gear while you were waiting?

    I'm only asking because I'm curious for my own riding.. I'm totally paranoid coming up to intersections; especially when the lights change and I slow down to stop for them. I always check the mirrors to make sure there's nobody behind me, and if I'm sitting there without any cars behind me, I'm usually keeping an eye on the mirrors just in case. It bothers me a bit that there are times when even that level of paranoia might not be sufficient, and it sounds like your example may be one of those times :(
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  8. fcuk me that's horrible. Hope you and your mate heal up well. It's hard to believe you both got up.
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  9. Far out man. Glad you guys are ok.
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  10. Shit a brick! Glad you're both ok. It's a sod that something like that happens 7 months in to your riding career.

    Can't believe the drivers reaction. Hope it all works out mate.
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  11. Holy shit.

    Glad to know you're alive, mate. How is your friend faring? Did we meet him at the learner sessions?

    Her initial response encapsulates much of what's wrong with today's typical driver. Just because some traffic light is green doesn't mean she gets to barrel through any vehicle in her path.

    Where did this happen? Did you get her details?
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  12. Hope you heal up well. Sue the arse off the driver for a new ride - and make sure you report her to the police. Drivers like that need to taken off the road before they kill someone.
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  13. Yes, I have full comprehensive insurance, but even if I didn't, because she is at fault, the claim is made against her.

    I found out today my bike is a write off, although I knew that looking at the bike afterwards. I will be getting the value of my bike back, as well as compensation for my helmet, and jacket and jeans as they were damaged as well.

    No need to report it to police as they were on the scene as they were just passing by. The cop said no matter what lane we were in, it would have been her fault. She had admitted fault.

    I am not sure if she is actually being charged with fleeing the scene because she did stop, but who knows if she would have if the witness did not chase her down.

    Both my friend and I were able to walk away. My mate fractured his arm and looks like his bike is a write-off too, but it's taking him a little longer to find things out as he didn't have insurance.

    I had to get chest x-rays done, and my leg is sore as it took most of the impact. I have a bit of neck soreness from the whiplash, but it all could have been a lot worse.

    NRMA has been outstanding during the whole process. They sent someone to assess the bike on the first business day.
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  14. It happened at Balaclava Rd and Epping Rd in Marfield on Saturday evening.

    My mate isn't a learner. He's been riding for 20 years.

    I have all her details and everything is being sorted.

    I am not sure if she is being charged, but I hope she is since it's not really an "accident". I consider it to be wreck less and dangerous driving.
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  15. Good to hear Justin. Keep us informed.
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  16. Far out mate glad you're okay! I agree, just give it some time for everything to settle then you can begin looking for a bike again. Hope you and your friend heal up quick
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  17. I guess I could have worn a hi-vis vest over my leather jacket, but my jacket is white and red, so not sure if that would have helped. Seems like she was only focused on the green light anyways.

    I guess you can always refrain from going on a pleasure ride at night, but that seems excessive.

    I was in gear so I had the brake light on, but I should have been checking my mirrors since we were front row with no one behind us, and we were stationary for a good 10 seconds. I usually check my mirrors, but I think I had a false sense of security since I was in the right turn only lane and sitting there with another rider.

    I didn't spot her or notice her at all. All I felt was impact, then I went flying a good 15 meters.

    There were a number of good Samaritans that helped that evening, and to them I thank them!
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  18. Bad luck mate. Hope all ends well for you and your mate.

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  19. The hi-viz wouldn't have done a damn thing to protect you from such an incompetent driver, who should be taken off the roads ASAP.

    Well observed. Continual scanning of one's surroundings, no matter how slim the possibility of a mishap, is a vital habit to practice.

    Freaking oath. Keep us informed of the outcome.
  20. Insurance and CTP have me covered for claims on the bike and injury, but should I be calling the police to find out if the driver is being charged at all, or will they even tell me?

    I do have an incident or report number, but that's about it.