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Not a near miss - aint nebo a biatch

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Hobbsie, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. On the weekend I went for a sunday ride up nebo/glorious to get lunch with some mates. On the way back down, coming downhill on the road between glorious and nebo I managed to lowside the bike on a decreasing radius turn.

    I wasn't travelling ridiculously fast, probably 30-40 km/h in a stock 2011 ninja, lent the bike over too far and lowsided exactly where the road went from new road to old road. I think the cause was overconfidence, taking the corner too fast and getting caught out by the decreasing radius and road surface, plus my fairly average stock ninja tyres were probably still a little cold from the 30 minute break I had taken not long before.

    Me and the bike slid down the road about 30m then off into the gulley on the side of the road where i slid about another 10m before a tree cushioned my fall. Miraculously the only damage was a broken ankle, probably from when the bike fell on it, and a (probably) written off ninja, so I'm pretty happy with that result considering what could have happened! :)

    I was wearing alpinestars track leather pants, sp2 gloves and smx5 boots, a GMX motion jacket, forcefield l2 back protector and shoei xr1100.. they all performed great although I will be getting some top of the line sidi boots next as I did break one ankle and severely sprain the other.
  2. Jesus mate, you're lucky, could have been a lot worse! How did younger yourself and the out of the gully?
  3. not really a near miss, that's usually when someone nearly hits you

    probably should have posted this in General Discussion
  4. sorry hornet, my bad

    rolkus, i walked out, adrenalin is great stuff. My mates helped get the bike out and put it in a ute.
  5. Thats something you don't see every day.
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  6. wow get better soon mate
  7. Jees mate, sliding off down a gulley must have been petrifying. Sometimes I come in and read these posts just to give myself a reminder of how easy it is to kill yourself on a bike. Sure makes you take the ride home from work slowly the next time.

    Glad you're okay.
  8. Ouch! Hope everything works out with the ankles, they can be a bastard to heal.
    Hope this wont put you off riding, but from the sounds of your post you have the right attitude.
  9. Hobbsie,

    Thanks for sharing and being so honest about the cause. Wish you all the best and hope you'll get back on a bike soon. Better luck next time!
  10. Sorry to hear about that Hobbsie. Not good. Glad you're ... if not ok then at least in one piece enough to be telling us about it.
  11. hope you have success with the ankle. good reminder to wear boots with decent torsion control.
  12. Thanks guys, I got a two week holiday off work and some nice screws in my ankle to show for it so its not all bad :)

    I'll be back on a bike again once its all healed up .. I'm not too down about it, I'm just glad there's no permanent injury.

    And yeah, top of the line boots are a must! The ankles such an easy thing to injure.
  13. some of the more experienced guys here suggested that two of the most important piece of equipment apart from a helmet are, good quality gauntlets and proper boots..........I agree!!

    get well soon and get those boots :).