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Not a miss, but I'm alive lol

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Snowman, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Went for a ride up to the pub at Wisemans Ferry on saturday night and left just as it was getting dark, on the way back down I hit what I think was a very large piece of sandstone in the right hand wheel track of a left hand bend. I didnt stop because I thought it was just a stick scraping the underbelly which was upsetting in itself but nothing to cry over, Imagine my surprise when I got home to discover:


    Theres marks on my front tire where it hit but rim looks fine. My headers are scr@ped but no dings luckily and I need a new right hand side lower fairing.

    There was 7 other riders with me and only one other guy saw it and managed to avoid it, the rest didnt even see it, which makes me feel a little better about my observation skills :p

    Estimated speed: Stupid fast :angel:

    I went up the next day to find the piece of sandstone but couldnt find any evidence, I just wanted to apologize and say to it 'Sorry Mate I Didnt See You' :rofl:

    Oh well shit happens I guess :WStupid:
  2. You're just reinforcing the Netrider paranoia; even sandstone is out to get us :LOL:

    If you were in the suburbs it probably fell off a tradie's truck..... or someone's trailer.
  3. Bad luck on the lower fairing bud.
    Good luck on the could have been a lot worse :)
  4. Far canal ! Glad you stayed on, that looks nasty. Only positive I can see, is it could have been SO much worse.
  5. Yeah I'm surprised it wasn't worse to be honest, and baffled how it managed to scr@pe the under carriage and still swipe half my fairings off the side. Maybe the tire split it in half... or flicked it up... no idea lol
  6. So,you went for a ride and hit a rock ?
    Rivetting,glad i read about it.

    Are you working up to bigger things ?
  7. How 'bout your face?
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  8. feline purloinus un tongus
  9. What the hell is that thing ?
  10. Did this thing fall on your bike or something? Just if its a left had bend you would lean left, ie. right side is higher away from the road. Also someone would hopefully remove it from the centre of the road.

    Glad to hear you (and the others with you) are ok.
  11. Another cause for my confusion. Possibly it flicked the bike upright for a second. I dont know, the front lifted off the ground and the bars twisted and then corrected when the front wheel hit the deck again.

    Weird huh?
  12. I hit a rock once, leant over mid corner on a big sweeping right, saw it too late to do anything about it, front wheel hit it & skipped what felt like a foot to the left, scared the absolute piss out of me.

    Went back to move the rock, it was nowhere to be found! :-k I'm pretty sure it was a piece of sandstone also, I think hornet may be onto something with the conspiracy thing.

    Did you get a quote for the replacement fairing yet Snowman? I expect that will fetch a pretty penny.
  13. When I looked at the pic I was confused how it happened. Good luck on the repairs!

    Strange that it disappeared too. Reminds me of a story I heard a few years ago. Some kids in Canberra were putting tree stumps in the middle of the road and watching the carnage as it tore front bumpers off.
  14. Possibly I hit it so fast that it was obliterated or thrown off the road :p

    I ordered the bit from Kawasaki and got it for $300, it was supposed to be $360 but have a friend who works there. Still a big hole in my back pocket!
  15. I was there when it happened and Im confused too :p

    Thanks man!
  16. Glad it didn't turn out worse for you, that could have ended in disadter, no hair or anything on it? couldn't have been wildlife?
  17. Think about it for a minute. The speed you were doing makes it obvious. It's one of the kittens that has survived trying to get revenge for their friends. You need to go faster to take care of this one.

    Seriously though, hitting anything at lean at speed could have ended in disaster. By the looks of it you came out in the best possible outcome (other than relatively minor cosmetic damage) by staying upright.

    Now fix that bike & go find that kitten !!!