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Not a good start to the morning...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Nucleotide, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Not really a "Near Miss" as such, in fact it only involves myself, but I'm devastated none the less.

    I got to work, backed my bike into the normal parking area, put the stand down - or at least I thought it was down - I definitely push down on the stand with my foot but I think it may have slipped in the wet. It was pouring down on the way to work and where I park my bike is very slippery. It's a real pain in the arse actually.

    I started leaning the bike over and it got to the point where I instantly knew something was wrong - it's was way to heavy still - but it was too late by then... the bike fell over!! :'(

    No major damage thankfully. I managed to take most of the weight while it was falling so it's only a couple of minor marks and I think the gear shifter might be 'slightly' bent. It was a very light fall and it was only on it's side for a matter of 20 seconds or so. Hopefully no other internal damage was done.

    What makes it worse is that I almost drove this morning because it was raining. It was a last minute decision to ride.

    I think what pissed me off the most is that in 6~ years of riding I've never once dropped a bike. I've all the weird angles I've parked on, driveways, sidewalks, grass, dirt, you name it, I happened to drop it when the bike was turned off and on a solid concrete and level ground.
  2. look at the poisitve!!
    No speed involved in the drop!!
    You health is good!!
    Small marks on bike intead of broken plastic and sc****s!!
    List could go on, main thing, you're ok!!
    But I know how you feel about the angry side of it, chin up..
    weekends almost here :)
  3. I always make sure that when I kick the stand down, I push it as far forward as possible with my foot to make sure it is at it's furthermost point when extended.
    I the lean the bike over gently and make sure that the weight is taken on the stand and I then pull back on the bike slightly to make sure that the stand is fully locked into place.

    It's just a little ritual I go through everytime I park the bike and I have many other rituals that I will not delve into :)

    I also make sure prior to putting the bike down that the surface is flat, hard and free from any obstructions.

    These things do happen and could have been much worse both physically and financially.

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  4. The worse thing is that if somebody sees you dropping the bike...Embarrasing!!
  5. Very true. :)

    This is something I've always done as well. That said, I think it's become a lot more habit now and I don't really pay attention to it.. although I damn well will be from now on. :D

    I was actually 'very' lucky here. I work in a large automotive dealership and park the bike in the service department garage. It's right in between the offices, the workshop techs, the detailers, and whoever else happens to be around at the time. I'm not sure how, but no one at all seem to be around this morning (first time in a long time) so to my knowledge no one seen it happen.. not that I'm complaining! (y)
  6. At least you attempted to put the stand down. I have stepped off the bike & neglected to even try putting the stand down, with hilarious results.

    In front of clients & workmates no less.
  7. I've done this twice, the first time I caught it (grabbed the clipon with one had - like a boss) but the second time like 2 days later it hit the deck.

    The upshot of it is that I now do this so it'll never happen again.
  8. Everyone has dropped their bike at sometime haven't they. I had a mate who bumped his whilst doing stuff in the garage and it fell on him and his wife had to come down and help him out. A couple of years ago I dropped my brand new bike (similar to yourself, whilst parking) the same day after leaving the dealer. All in all very embarrassing.
  9. I did same years ago at the servo, thought the stand was down but it wasn't and by the time your brain registers the bike is still leaning over it's too late esp if you're hopping off at the same time!

    The upside is you only ever do it once! (usually!)
  10. Thanks guys - good to hear some other stories. I inspected the damage properly when I got home and it really is nothing more then a scratch in the grand scheme of things. It could have been much worse.

    I'm actually grateful it wasn't in the public eye, or anyone's eye for that matter, and no one really knows about it. I can't imagine how embarrassing it would be to drop it in public. I feel for you all. (y)

    I think I've learnt my lesson. Even getting home last night I kicked the stand down, made sure I pushed it forward and even looked at it before starting to lean the bike over. Very paranoid now. :D
  11. Its all a bit like the old aviation saying, there are two types of pilots, those who have landed with the gear up and those who will land with the gear up.
  12. Next time, [if there is one] and nobody sees you, or nobody that knows you, that wont count untill you annoucne it to us so we can chuckle at your expense!!
    small scratch is a war wound or battle scar but when someone asks you what you what happened, spice it up !! :)
  13. It's amazing how heavy a bike gets when it gets over to about 20deg or so. Suddenky you realize that you can't hold it. Ack!!

    One tip. Throw yourself onto the ground under the bike. It hurts like crazy for a while, but at least you save the bike. (bit hard getting up with a bike on you though.)

    I know. Little mishaps like this are enfuriating. But you did have 6yrs of grace. :)
  14. Im yet to drop my bike, but if i ever do i plan to throw myself under it to protect it from getting damaged :p

    EDIT: Raven beat me to it =[