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Not a bike but my design on company car

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by NWRAP, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. I have a hobby of designing cars when I'm not at work or on the bike..

    I would love to get into the livery design field of work and hopefully this is a step i the right direction.

    Well my first real world car design hit the streets of Melbourne Today :)

    Concept Design



    Real Car



    It's nice to see your work in full size :)

    Thanks to Aaron from ADR for letting me pimp his ride

    Most of y work has been on virtual cars and I have painted 1000's of cars for the online racing (various games).

    More work can be seen herehttp://eastsidepaints.blogspot.com/ if your at all interested :)

    Thanks to the crew at gigacube for making the concept a reality
  2. Nice work :)
  3. is that bloke in the background talking into a cuff mic? They must mean serious business. :p

    Well done.

  4. HHAHAHAHAH...ummm I believe he is either scratching or picking his nose
  5. Nice one AUS-ESP - it must be really satisfying to see the finished product!

    Here's to heaps more work to come in the future :)

  6. Good work. It's good to see something you've penned take to the real world - satisfying in a way few can understand.
  7. Here is the new Monash University CCTV car that I designed :)





    Thankfully it remains very close to the original design with a slight colour change
  8. Bugger me sideways, that car needs more cameras!

    Nice job on the pait scheme. Pretty *and* clear.
  9. I saw both cars at Monash...the ADR one looks great in person, the Monash just seemed like Big Brother.

    Great work nonetheless :)
  10. Shouldn't it have been done in camo style, so it can hide behind bushes? :-k

    Nice work, both of them...
  11. Cheers and there were plans for more but we went with what it has now

    Yeah the ADR car (x2) is one of the main security installers we use & you are right they look so much better in person

    Cheers and the thought of camo was raised..LOL
  12. I drive a holden combo van for work and my boss keeps saying he wants to get it stickered but doesnt know anyone to design it for him. Would you be interested?

  13. Send me a PM :)