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Not a Bad Days Work

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Justus, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. What an interesting day I've had. :LOL:

    Story 1:

    Got a phone call this morning with information on someone wanting to get rid of a 06 Gixxer 600
    for a good price. Made contact with the guy, grab the trailor & met him at his place. I recognised
    him straight away as well. We get talking & it turns out we were at same prison 10yrs ago.

    Anyway this dude is still on the gear & wanted to get rid of the bike to clear debts. Bikes less than
    6mths old with just over 1k on the odometer. Clown tells me he wants to do an insurance job. I tell
    him I dont want to know & it dosent take me long to realise he hasent either short of 1/2 a brain
    or affected by drugs when he then proceeds to 'break' into his own garage by going thru the side
    window. He's halfway wriggling himself thru when I walked up to side door & opened it. I'm checking
    the bike out & hes still trying to get thru the window. [​IMG]


    He wants $2000 for it. I tell him I'll pay $200 cash for now, you sign the transfer papers & I'll take
    the bike now.

    The idiot not only signs the bike over to me but writes a receipt saying I'd given him $2000 AND helps
    me load the bike onto the trailer. The neighbour watched us load up the bike so I walk over to him &
    confirmed that he witnessed us both loading up the bike. He asks me why, so I show him the VicRoads
    form saying he'd just sold me his
    $13000 bike for $200 and want to make sure he dosent try saying I stole it from him.[​IMG]

    Went straight to VicRoads to pay transfer fees.

    I cant see how this dude can do an insurance job now that he dosent own it. Vicroads knows, as will
    his insurer if he is stupid enough to lodge a fraudelent claim.

    I'm not allowed to have another bike so I'll be offloading it by the end of the week.

    Story 2:

    For the last 6mths I've saved every cent possible to get $15000 to buy an 04-05 model ZX10 Ninja.

    This arvo I got calls from (2) shops, one in S.A & one in Qld. Given what happened earlier today I made
    up my mind I'd be now going for a 2007 model. S.A was selling for $18990 & Qld for $19250. I made
    numerous calls to each & got them bidding against each other to get my business.

    Within 2hrs, I negotiated a $3750 discount getting a green kwaka for $15500
    plus delivery to Melbourne.

    In effect I've got my $19000 bike for approx $6000 which means I've got more than enough for new
    leathers/helmets & mods/accessories.

    Not a bad days work eh. I'm happy.

    Photo: 2007 ZX10R

  2. $200???

    Sell it to me!
    I'll give you QUADRUPLE what you paid for it!
  3. thats 2 things, you know that things usually happen in threes. I'd be taking out a ticket in tatts if I were you. Well done! :grin:
  4. Tells us how the zx10r 07 goes. Thinking about getting a 05 10r myself.
  5. Oh and that green machine is begging for a Puig tinted screen and some black billeted aluminium frame-sliders... imho

  6. Man I hope you did all the right checks etc because he coulda just sold you some other dudes bike.

    If it's all legit, good luck to you, you lucky b.........d, I hope you enjoy the new toy :grin:
  7. Or one that's on finance.

    Sounds like this isn't all over just yet.

    Keep the doors locked. :wink:
  8. + 1.

    Hmm..No offence but I so couldn't have done what you did MG. Probably would have sat him down and explained he could get a lot more than 2k for it.
  9. If its all legit how much do you want for the Gixxer?
  10. Not sure who's more of an idiot .. the guy that made a mistake on a receipt, or the guy that knowingly rips of another guy to the tune of $1,800 and posts on a public forum bragging about it. Here's a hint - registration does not mean ownership, and unless the receipt say "Paid in full, no balance owing" (or similiar) and since you've taken the bike, your still in debt to him for the $1,800.

    Did you get the VicRoads Vehicle Security Certificate to check valid ownership and that it's not financed? Here's hoping you don't get the cops knocking to come take it, or the finance company to repossess it.
  11. What person, brain dead or otherwise would sell a $13,000 bike for $2000 if it was legit? Even a crack addled dumbass would sure know that they can get more for it than that? I guess stolen....or financed to the hilt.

    Waiting for the follow up.
  12. Sounds like you just paid some guy $200 to help you unwittingly steal a bike?

    Maybe he was going through the window because he doesn't live there?

    Good luck with it but i also reckon this story ain't over yet.
  13. I'm figuring if MG (is that his real name?!) has the keys it was at least the guys bike. But whether it was his to sell is another story...
  14. my bike was a similar 'too good to be true' story, fortunately it didn't come back to bite me on the arse... though it very nearly did, and i didn't pull one quarter of the crazyness you did!

    as a man who shares your mantra of take a good deal when you can get it i wish you all the best.. though i'd recommend you become a little more clandestine about this deal lest the shit hit the fan (though it's a bit late now!)
  15. If this works out MG is now my new god.

  16. it sounds to good to be true.somethings not right with this deal.
    i hope it doesn't come and bite you on the arse. good luck.
  17. Is this fiction or for real? If it's for real then I'm hanging to hear Part II of this story. I'd be locking my doors and parking that bike somewhere other than my house :shock: ...and I definitely wouldn't brag about it on a public forum.
  18. yeah, I hope it works out for you dude. But i'll wager there'll be more to come from this. For sure it will be stolen or under finance. But for $200, it's worth the gamble!
  19. Thanks for the generous offer bud. [​IMG]

    Tinted screen to be fitted & putting on an engine cage instead of sliders.
    I plan on ditching the underseat exhaust for a GP exhaust as well.

    Nah its all legit matey. I did all the standard security/registration checks &
    double checked again when I got to the VicRoads office. It was his bike,
    registered & insured in his name. If there was any abnormalities I would've
    walked away from it.

    I think its plain who the idiot is Mouth. His note on a scrap of paper is irrelevant
    as its not legally binding in any way. Take note, it said I PAID $2000, not that I
    paid 200 & owed a further 1800. The bike is now registered & owned by yours
    truelly. :wink:

    VicRoads know exactly what happened because I told them. I legally dont owe him
    a dollar more & nor will I give him a dollor more either.

    I simply gave him my (3) conditions.

    1) He signs the relevant paperwork
    2) I pay whatever I had on me (which was $200)
    3) I take the bike right now

    He was happy to agree to it. End of story.

    Pigs will be knocking on his door charging him with making a false report & fraud if
    anything (if & when he lodges a fradulent claim for theft. He will go straight back to
    jail again. They have no business over what I pay for a veh when its bought legitimately
    so no pigs will be at my door.

    The way I look at it is he's lead a life of ripping people off (drugs/break-ins). What
    goes around comes around & if he gets another bike I wouldnt hesitate in taking his
    next bike off him again for $200, nor anyone else stupid/generous enough to sell me
    their late model bike for that amount. IMHO, the idiot is someone who'd say No to
    such a deal.

    I should point out, I have never paid market value for any of the bikes I've had. I've
    always paid $1000's under market rates (by private sale & ebay). My new bike is the
    first time I've ever bought from a shop & even with that I still negotiated $1000's off
    RRP as well. Obviously that was my condition (otherwise I wouldnt have got it) because
    I'm simply not prepared to blow $19000 on ANY bike at this point in my life. Once I'm
    retired & the kids have left home, then maybe it'll be different then & I'll start splashing

    I'm in the business of making/saving money so if I cant do either no one gets my money.
    Thats what I am about & I make no apologies for it either. I wouldnt own what I have
    right now so to be otherwise is to my & my families downfall. I will only agree to buy
    under the terms I'm happy with. If the seller cant meet them, I'll look for someone
    who can or look for another deal.

    As for bragging? I couldnt agree more with ya! :grin:

    I'm posting how my interesting day went; as does every other person here, and I'm happy
    that after 2yrs, I'm finally realise the dream of getting the bike I always wished I could have.
    I couldnt have asked for more.

    Call that bragging if you wish. I'm not bothered either way because truthfully, I'm sporting
    this huge grin & couldnt be any happier right now. [​IMG]

    Trust me. The only follow up will be depositing the money once I sell it. :p

    Yeh, no worries. Will do.
    I actually wouldnt mind meeting Cathar & let him test ride it & do his write-up on it.

    Cathar? Whatta you reckon? Its an open invitation matey.

    Coupla laps of the Spur is the order of the day!![​IMG]
  20. out of interest, did you end up getting the ZX-10 from SA or QLD?
    and from what business?