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Nostalgia time - tell us about your first motorcycle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chilliman64, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. we all remember our first one - what was your first motorcycle? why did you buy it? why did you get rid of it? what mods did you try? post a pic up if you have one. you might be on your first m/c now or it might have been 20 or more years ago.

    my first was a GSX400FWS '83 or '84 model can't remember exactly but it was just like the one in the pic (which I downloaded from the net). it was second hand when I bought it and I paid about $1800 for it in about 85. I think I have an old photo of it somewhere but I wasn't real big on taking pics in those days.

    all my mates had bikes. I could only afford a bike or a car, the bike was cheaper so that's what I got. I bought it secondhand and couldn't even ride when I bought it. when I bought it a mate rode it home for me. I rode it up the driveway and almost stacked it lol. that night I wondered if I had done the right thing and didn't get much sleep.

    the next day was Sunday and I got up, had breakfast and went for a ride. I got it up to 80 on that first ride and I felt like I was flying. all the 'buyers remorse' I felt the previous night was gone.

    I used to ride that suzi to work, on weekends, all the time. it had 4-into-1's on it and sounded great. it would do 'the ton' easily and then some. I would double on it and used to do monos from the lights. plenty of great memories.
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  2. So, I'd just lost my virginity and thought I'd head out to my mates place to tell him about it. I got there and his little brother was racing round on his peewee 50. I'd hurt my back but it seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up, I'd not ridden a two wheeler before and the day was shaping up well for that sort of thing. I whipped around the paddock with minimal fuss, till I went to go through a muddy farm gate and got thoroughly bogged to the footpegs and had to get off. I dragged it out, promptly hopped back on and rode it back over to my mate, who'd just gotten up and come outside. being the most awesome BMX hero that I was at the time I thought i'd hit the back brake and bring it in to an awesome sideways skid stop. I was wrong. there was a twinge in my back, I high sided, flew through the air, landed in the mud at his feet... so, that was my first ride. I couldn't turn my head for about 4 days.
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  3. image. The many sleepless nights working in the shed to get ready for race day ,loved every minute
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  4. When I was a youngun back in the early 80's and the family not driving bentleys, we never really had bikes. As much as I wanted one it wouldn't be fair for me to have one and not the other boys.
    Anyhoo one day we somehow ended up with a Honda ct70. I couldn't touch the ground on it and stacked it every time I came to a stop.
    My earliest memory of bikes in my family was a few years prior, 82 or '83? But dad used to do alot of travelling between Sydney and tamworth on (what I know now to be)an Rz 350.I thought he was just the dogs knob turning up home on that. Heaps cool as a young bloke.
    Fast forward to last year when I bought my first bike, I was havin a yak to dad and we got talking bout his old bike and he says to me "gee I'd like to get another bike"
    Well I say, you ought to buy one. Turns out he would have to do his learner course because he has never held a bike license.
    I could have never imagined my dad blasting through the putty on a bike. Hopefully he will get back on one.
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  5. Ok well I got my licence in 1974 and promptly went out and bought a Kawasaki H1D 500cc two stroke, she tried to kill me too many times to recount but after she put me in hospital for five months I sold her to my mate (later brother in law and I thought he was dropping round to see me lol), she put him in hospital and he sold her to his brother and she also put him in hospital and he sold it to some bloke who high sided her big time and wrote her off! Pics not the actual bike but one exactly like her.

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  6. They didn't call the 500 and the 750 'widow-makers" for nothing!
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  7. Suzuki GS125 S (never forget the S!!) 1984
    so I was 16 and still living in Finland where you can ride a 125 and once you turn 18 you get unrestricted license.
    Anyhooooo, I was given the bike by my older brother whom had previously pulled it apart for a rebuild and then given up on the project. So it was delivered to me in couple of boxes and a rolling frame. I still remember rebuilding the engine on my bed side table, Mum was most impressed :p. I managed to get the bike going and it was a hoot to ride, I could just get to about 100 km/h on a good day. I did have one particularly bad design flaw though, which I found out whilst having a pillion onboard.
    SOLID FOOTPEGS!! going around a corner in a fairly spirited style I managed to bent the left footpeg to an angle of about 45degrees!! Still to this day I'm amazed that we stayed up. My girlfriend (the pillion) didn't see the funny side of it:whistle:

    unfortunately I don't have a picture of the actual one.
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  8. So Kev, tell me more; that looks like a late seventies outfit? I was a working photographer from the late seventies to the middle eighties and might have seen you round the tracks....
  9. I think the sidecar was built in the 80's it's a windle copy we ran a gsx1100 , it was a bit rough when we got it we raced in the 90's she was a reliable beast . I loved going to amaroo that was one fun track Oran park was great we went to Bathurst in 94 and in first practice the frame cracked so that was it for the weekend I can tell you when it goes wrong on one these it can get a bit scary I rember at Oran park I got it wrong coming over the dog leg we ended up on grass at a great rate of knots I still don't know how we didn't end up in the wall .we still have it parked up in the shed .
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  10. Not this exact one but the same year and colours.
    Mine had nickel plated heat shields instead of the black and slightly tweaked intake ports.

    Put 17,000Km on it in about 18 months. I actually wore the hard facing off sixth gear, which was replaced under warranty. I had the record for some time for the longest back-order at Lithgow Bike Stop. The worn gears made it sound like it had a turbo on it! Rode everywhere on it, including up the blue mountains with the wife on the back. We were both a lot smaller back then!
    I bought it after coming a cropper on my Repco 10-speed coming home from work. Front wheel on the pushie dropped into a crack between the footpath and grass and catapulted me over the bars ... and a fence, so I decided I wanted something with wider wheels and less pedalling.
    Got my Ls, bought, registered, and insured it on the 23rd of March, started learning to ride it on the 24th on the GW highway between Lithgow and home. Three and a half hours droning along between trucks on the highway. That was the last time I stuck to the 70Kph learner speed limit. Never got nicked for speeding on it coz the cops didn't believe it could go over 70 (making that up, I have no idea why I wasn't nicked). Still miss that little bike, though it would struggle under my fat ass now.
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  11. First bike, though I had troubles touching the ground ;)

    Simon on Ducati.

    As I learnt on a farm riding postie bikes, my first actual bike was a Postie bike that my brother fixed up for me. This photo was taken around 1990 but I had the bike since 1989 after spending 6 months bludging lifts off co-workers to get to and from work when I started my job in Sydney in 1988. Was a great bike and resent selling it actually, should have kept it. Yes, yes, mock away about the legs and the hair and the bright shirt or the pink short shorts, I've heard it all before :)

    1990 Simon Postie.
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  12. well the hair hasn't changed a bit....:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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  13. #13 CraigA, Jun 15, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2016
    yamaha-dt-100_red_13. 1976-ts185.

    First bike I ever rode was my dads Suzuki TS 185. It was orange and a mid 70s model.

    It was 1980 and I was 8.

    Dad had previously done a bit of trail riding, but I suppose with a young family this became something he did less and less. I only remember him using it to ride it to work.
    I was keen to ride from the time I could walk. He would dink me around the back yard when I was too little, sitting on the tank and later on the back.

    He taught me about the clutch and throttle, how to use them and also to change gear by sitting behind me until he was confident I wouldn't die,then let me loose and told me not to go above second gear. I kept slamming on the rear brake, locking up the wheel and stalling initially. As I was too small to touch my feet down, I would have to jump clear of the bike and let it hit the deck whenever I stalled. I soon worked it out though.

    My first bike was a white Yamaha DT100. I was 12 and got a paperboy run which paid $12 a week. I saved $10 a week ( blowing the other $2 on lollies, Big Ms and donuts) and bought it for $280. I spent all weekend on it riding around the outskirts of Werribee, mostly at a place called "the Weir", which is on the river downstream of a dam wall on the Werribee River not far from the Italian Club for those who may know the area. The cops allowed us to ride there if we had rec rego. Its all houses now I believe.

    Mods: I removed all of road gear and negated the key start with a little help fro the old man. Otherwise she was stock.

    It also served to teach me a lot about maintenance.
    Again with dads help, I had the cylinder rebored and installed a new piston and rings, gearbox oil changes, bronzed up a hole in the exhaust, as well as things like removing chains, sprockets and tyres. The chain ( non oring) would get pulled off evey second weekend and spend overnight soaking in pertrol to give it a good clean. Good times!

    One thing it didn't do was teach me about suspension set up, because there pretty much was nothing to adjust, other than rear shock preload!

    These pics are not the actual bikes, but are a true likeness in colour, graphics, etc.

    Even the tyres are the same. Dad ran trials tyres for better wear on his work commute.
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  14. that's a nice looking duke 69SIM69SIM
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  15. Again not the exact bike but same year and color.
    Ahhh it was 1989 i was young and full of beans......
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  16. fixed :ROFLMAO:
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  17. The first bike I owned was 1983 GPZ250 belt drive. I traded a mate my LH Torana for it, not sure who got the better deal....

    It looked like this when new (not my actual bike, mine didn't have the bikini fairing), but I decided that sky blue with white wheels would look better...

    I was 17, no license, no protective gear besides an old motocross helmet, and no idea, so I crashed it a few times.

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  18. This was my first ever ride, rode it into a fence....... not this bike, but same type, I'd wagged school and was riding in my mates back garden, crashed it into the fence and the steel mud guard cut a hole in my leg, but had to hide it from my parents as it didn't look much like a maths injury........ maxresdefault.
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  19. In early 1985, I very sensibly spent money from the holiday job meant for going to Uni on a 1979 GT250X7 2 stroke Suzuki. Smelly, buzzy, bashed up ex race bike, I loved it, Mine had a square headlight, a truck threw up a stone to break the sealed beam original round one, and a poor student took the cheapest path.I traded it in for more than I paid for it, got a more reliable and civilized Honda CB250RS, I still want another 2 stroke.Sorry about the picture quality. x7.
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  20. First bike I owned was GN250. It was a piece of shit, but it served it's purpose.

    Here it is with me and my two boys. The eldest is 27 this year, the youngest 21.

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