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Nose peircing

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. i got my nose peirced last week and last night, it got yanked out when i took my jumper off. damnit i was careful right up till then!!! Tried to get it back in but just ended up with a mutilated nose.
    anyway, how long do i have to wait to get it re peirced, and do i have to get it done in a different spot?

  2. Ouch...
    That had to hurt.
  3. :shock: I thought you just lost it... didn't know u yanked it out

    I don't think you have to wait as long as it's not infected... and yeah u can just get it re pierced in the same spot!!
  4. Actually it barely hurt. Putting it back in, now that fcuking cained.
    and the actual peircing barely felt it at all.
    My belly button though... that was a horror story. Makes me queasy thinking about it.
  5. And that's why I'll never have my penis pierced! :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. and this is a prime example why I dont have a prince albert... Which reminds me I have to get my nipple peirced. :wink:

    Oh sorry to hear about you pain... but then again Ive seen a eyebrow ring pulled at touch football once.. :shock:
  7. maybe ill just get something else peirced instead. Stupid nose.
  8. has any one else seen the video of this being done??? i couldnt watch it after they stuck the needle in, made my nether parts shrivel up and hide.
    OUCH. twice. actualy LOTS
  9. yep, full angarang left to right across the top pierce with spikes / bobbles at each end... and the unfortunate guy had to be hard at the time... way too much blood to be safe..

    There was agreat book out about three'ish years ago called body piercing. and it had a nipple ring on the front cover... in a loop of fabric.
  10. When I was a young bloke, the only piercings around could be had by starting a blue in certain Paddington pubs on friday night.
  11. YUCK, ya think, they stuck a freekin great needle through the guys knob again FARKIN OUCH
  12. Had mine done a few years & oh yes the tears it brings 2 eyes when tryin to put back in. Anyway after all that & few weeks later went with the small straight posts & tiny stud. Lost last stud i had in shower & just never got around to getting a new one. Hole closed. Been going to get redone, but the alure of the tattooiest chair got the better of me. Gawd even that was couple of years ago.
  13. Just reading that hurts :(

    One day i'm gonna get 6+ earrings in my left ear just like my hero Mr T :LOL: (Seriously! I just have to build up the courage or save up to buy some courage ;) )
  14. With the blood supply to the nose being so good it will heal over very quickly, espesially if no fistula has formed in the piercing, same as with your lip or tongue.(I have had both done)

    You may end up with a small scar if you do not have it pierced in the same position.

    There will be scar tissue build-up so it may hurt a little more to have it pierced in the same spot.

    Go back to your piercer, let them know what you have done and they should easily be able to sort you out then and there as long as you have not torn the piercing too badly.
  15. so can i get it done again straight away?
    muahahahahhaha you know how i said i should just get a different peircing... we could go get our ears done together ;) I hear your free on wednesday!
  16. Hmm.. I was thinking of getting my right ear pierced... (I have 3 on my left)

    I think if you have some sort of antiseptic it may help, like go to the pharmacy and see if you can get a spray for earrings or something.

    It's okay to put it in so it'll heal, just as long as it doesn't get infected.
  17. mmmmmmm Metal :)
  18. I used to swim heaps and always put off getting the eyebrow done(they don't sit well under the goggles). This thread has re-kindled my desire now I'm retired from the pool. Is there a right or wrong side? I remember at school if you were a boy and had the wrong ear done you were a poof (not that there's anything wrong with that).
  19. Yes you can get it repierced again straight away, they may be able to taper the same hole open again.....depending on how closed over it is.
    Best you get to your piercer asap thought to reduce the amount of skin that needs to be tapered.
  20. Is there anything you can buy that numbs the area before you get it pierced?

    Yes i am a pussy :(