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Nose cone repaint in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Doeven09, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Hey all,
    Google is failing me, i'm just wondering if anyone can recommend somewhere in Melbourne that would colour match and repaint this new nose-cone i've bought for my old cbr250.
    The yellow on the new one is just a bit too much off the old yellow, cheapest possible is what i'm looking for here.


    Looks like it matches perfectly in the photo but it's pretty obvious IRL.
  2. MCR motorcycle repairs, speak to Troy, he helped me out and actually made contact through this site with me when I asked for help a couple of years back, have been back and will go to him again. Cheap? I dunno what that would be by your standards but worth the call 93105333 he is tullamarine, freight rd I think from memory just off mickelham rd, if you go up the tulla, hop off at mickelham rd, go left, and first on right is Garden drive you want the second on right, as I said, I THINK it's frieght rd or drive. good luck.
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  4. Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I've been pretty busy and only just got around to getting onto this. I got in touch with the guys in spotswood via their website, it just seemed easiest. Unfortunately they really don't like working with replacement plastic fairings. So i guess i will be getting in contact with Troy.
  5. Just found out on saturday morn, 'streetmaster' is doing work from home, I know he does mechanical work, plastic repairs and I believe he might be even doing paint work, PM him and ask to confirm, might save you some $$$$
  6. Hi not sure if you have had your panel painted, if not call OTOBAI on 03 9328 8344, they will be able to help.