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NOS Yamaha RD350LC sold for $27,877.77

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kernel, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Yes it's $27000, but at the end of the day it's a nearly forty year old stroker....
  2. A fair price for a 42 year old barely touched stroker, I think. Wouldn't mind seeing it blast past me on the road, if the new owner is so inclined!
  3. my brother in law has been rattling on about that bike for the last week. driving me frikkin bonkers!
  4. I had one in the late '80s and it was magic. Not $27k magic, but magic just the same. Bike 5 on the list of bikes I shouldn't have sold...
  5. damn,
    its making my wish of owning one even more unobtainable....
    specially as it will make me more guilty about stripping it, swapping the suspension to modern stuff and putting an big bore kit from a banshee on it,

    may as well get a modern 600cc :(
  6. dude this is like a NOS bike, i'm sure you could find one in ratty condition for a lot cheaper.
  7. ive been looking forn a few months, but they are all going for 5-7k (id need an fzr250 donor bike aswell, plus another 3-k in parts just for the engine work.... so 10k at least... it makes more sence to get a nice secondhand 600 for that amount) the 250's are a bit cheaper, and while it wouldnt be 250 for long.... (bottom end is the same, so the 350 head can be put on) its still was a 250 lams bike at one point.....

    other problem is finding the watercooled ones... especially with rego:angel:
  8. 5-7k is a good price I reckon, not out of this world by any means...