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nos on street bikes

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by YZF600_OldSchool, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. just wondering if anyone has ever fitted a NOS kit to a street bike i am looking at doing one on mine for the drags apparently the kit needs no engine modifications but i thought i would ask anyway :grin:

  2. I've heard of various people installing nitrous (wet fogger type systems) with no real problems, but they did stress that the engine must be in pretty good condition if you want to keep it all together when chasing big power increases.

    Most modern type 600cc engines will take a 50hp shot okay, but for how long depends on engine condition.
  3. This website has an excellent guide, with everything you could want to know:


    Website explains how to build a home kit, and why its better than the ones you can buy from a store. The guy really knows his stuff.

    Nitrous (don't call it NOS by the way, marks you as a newb), is by far the cheapest and most effective way to gain huge power increases. Something like 40% more power is easily attainable with no engine mods, and without compromising reliability.
  4. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: PMSL!
  5. +1 to that.
  6. The secret to lasting nitrous engines is to not get greedy and to ensure you have good fuel pressure and volume. A nitrous system will add more fuel to compensate for teh extra gases the engine is ingesting. lean burn ups, which is teh killer with nitrous, are due to fuel starvation or too lean.
    A little nitrous is fun, more is addictive and too much wil send you broke.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. I love that last line!! I can only imagine how addictive a shot of Nitrous on the bike could be!!
  8. Look, I'm just going by what it says in his guide.

    Of course it will shorten engine life. Any attempts to increase HP will do this. If you want to break 100'000k's, then you definetly don't want to race your bike.

    But in sensible amounts, nitrous is a fine way to gain extra power. Nitrous has advantages over conventional engine mods- for example, it acts as a coolant, so the extra heat and pressure of the engine is somewhat offset by the cooling effect of N20 injection.

    Your bike must be relatively new, and in excellent running order to consider Nitrous, but there is no reason it would damage your engine any more than conventional tuning could.
  9. Teh King of Backflips rides again.
  10. Teh king of taking things out of context?
    You obviously go out of the way to read my posts and try and find "contradictions" that only exist when read out of context. Troll...

    I clarified this in my next sentence :
    "Any attempts to increase HP will do this. If you want to break 100'000k's, then you definetly don't want to race your bike. "

    Who would be dumb enough to think that you could gain any extra Hp without shortening your engine life? It goes without saying.

    I meant, and mabye I didn't explain this slowly and clearly enough for you hond@, that it's no worse than traditional engine mods, and is easily the best value for money.

    Bolting a Turbo onto your bike won't kill it as well? Supercharging perhaps? All these things are equally safe, if you take precautions. It goes without saying that all of them will shorten engine life, but Nitrous is no worse, and is easily the cheapest
  11. A 2 second search through that link I posted reveals this:

    Q: Will N20 affect engine reliability?

    A: Theoretically not.

    In moderate doses, properly set up and used by someone that understands the system then it should not have any adverse effects. In some cases the opposite could be argued.

    But probably... One day its inevitable your engine will break, they almost all do so if you drive it like you hate it! No engine goes forever so just accept it! If it has N20 fitted it will inevitably get the blame!

    And It may well be nothing to do with the nitrous and usually isn't!


    I'm not just pulling this stuff out of my ass you know? How about contributing something usefull sometime?
  12. What a load of crap. All engine components are designed around a certain power output - ANY increases in engine power will increase the stress on these components and WILL cause them to fail earlier. In cases where power is drastically increased, like with nitrous (up to 300% power increases have been achieved) instant failure of engine internals can occur.
  13. Seen parked in Cowes - a Hayabusa with the rego "NOS". It appeared to be telling the truth, too.

    Nothing exceeds like excess!
  14. Huh... i must have forgotten somethingabout physics here....
    Since when does injecting a highly falamable& explosive mixure into and already hot and running engine, COOL it???:shock: :shock:

    How does it do this... don't worry aobut what the guy on the site says... do you really beleive that it's going to COOL the engine :? :?

    as soon as that mix gets into the engine it sure isn't going to be cool( not long enough to do anything.

    4 cyl bike @ 4000 RPm (quite modest for anythin you'd want to put nox on)
    66.6 revs/sec
    divide by 2 (4 stroke )
    33.3 spark firing per second
    4 cys= 19.6 sparks per cylinder per second.......

    So your nox has about 1/20th of a second to do whatever cooling its going to do before igniting... not a lot of time IMHO

    of course my Maths could be up the creek as well.
  15. Another thing to factor in.. if your thinking of doing this to ride on a public road ... beta have a hard thought about it.. as in *illegal* and no matter you try to talk your way out of it the cop is still going to bust you for it.

    *no officer it wasn't nitrous flaming out my exhaust... and no officer that nitrous tank is not hooked up and working on my bike......* :roll:
  16. This one is actually correct - it has to do with the fact that the nitrous is stored as a compressed liquid but is introduced into the manifold as a gas. This change in state does "absorb" a lot of heat, though I'm not 100% sure if this is more/less/equal to the extra heat of combustion.

  17. but if it is in the manifold as a gas (as you have stated) then surely it has done its cooling before entereing the cylinder? thus it will have minimal cooling on the engine itself.

    i'd be surprised if the amount of heat it cooled was more than what it generates. I mean it's meant to burn faster and hotter than normal to produce the increase inpower if it was so good as a coolant why do engine not use it normally an much lower amounts to keep temperatures down?

    i find this cooling idea rather dubious.... anyone actually got data on this?
  18. It's entering the manifold as a gas, up until this point I believe it is still liquid so it is in the manifold that the cooling affect will occur (thereby chilling the fuel air mix entering the engine). Not sure exactly what the latent heat of vaporisation is for nitrous oxide but can assure you that a change in state can produce a significant amount of cooling - it's the principle behind which fridges work and is also the reason why CO2 fire extinguishers are fantastic for chilling beer in a matter of seconds :wink:.
  19. Dont forget guys that a usefull by product of burning Nitrous is a lovely by product called oxygen thats way when injecting as a liquid requires also a shot of petrol think (carb type) of it as chemical tubo/supercharging a fogging system when used on a fuel injected bike requires the injectors to also deliver more.

    In the distant days past i used to use a fire extinguisher valve for the nirous and a small 12v fuel pump wired into the carbs at 3/4 throttle if you set it to run conservative its great i had no problem with it on a worked Z9 out to 1150cc but if you choose to run these systems they are not cheap and as per the current laws the bottle mounted beside the rear shock is the best jail bait you ever seen (even back then) :cool: :cool: :cool:
  20. & your calling him a Newbie.... That must be almost the biggest load of horseshit that has ever been written on this forum Kebab boy!!

    NOS (by Holley) is the main brand of nitrous oxide readily available. He can call it whatever he wants... I called it NOS on the Skyline...... Newbie my ass!