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nos for bikes?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by dje, May 8, 2006.

  1. We all know bikes can be modded with NOS... anyone on this forum done it?

    I saw this additive at autobarn...
    Nos Street Formula Octane Booster 355ml
    Anyone tried it?

  2. As far as i know all that does is increase the octane rating of your fuel. Basically it is useless unless you have a highly modified engine that requires 100+ RON fuel and you simply add that bottle to 98RON fuel from the servo.

    It's pointless really unless you car requires it.
  3. Yep what Josh said - basically it's just kerosene (>60%) with a few aromatics added to increase octane, sold at a ridiculously over-inflated price (the power of packaging and marketing). You may as well tip a bottle of metho in your fuel tank - it'll also increase the octane rating of your fuel, but costs far less. If you genuinely need a higher octane rating than 98/100 then best option is to buy a 20L drum of toluene and mix your own fuel (keep in mind though that toluene is highly carcinogenic).
  4. NOS has nothing to do with higer octain as far as I know...

    Nos Street Formula Octane Booster as far as I know is just a fuel addetive, it cleans you system, it boosts the preformance and it does a whole list of things that afre listed on the bottle (yeah right)...

    While NOS as in Nitrous Oxide System?? is a whole bunch of gagets that add N2O into the air/fuel mixture in order to give you that extra boost :D
  5. NOS has some very interesting properties.

    Used carfully it can be used as a very efective and expensive fuel additive, used more aggressivly and it can give you that real burning launch that the movies show.

    In simple terms Nitrogen and Oxigen are in a mixed form that has refrigirent properties (Makes things colder) you pump it into the fuel mix just before it hits the chamber. and it warms up real fast. causing masive expansion. because the fuel is also cooled by it as it enteres the chamber it allows more oxigen in the air mix.

    As the NOS warms it becomes nitrogen and oxigen (The bond isn't very strong) and then during the burning process it burns back together and is expeled through the exhaust.

    So NOS Is adding Fuel, Oxigen and cooling all in the one neat package. But it is a gas, and if left out in the open has a tendency to fly away, so that is why you have to mix it as you put it into the cylender. anything that calles it's self a nitros fuel additive (And doesn't come in a gass cylender) sounds very dodgey to me.
  6. NOS is a brand that sells nitrous oxide systems - it also sells a lot of other "performance" items under the pretense that they'll make vehicles go faster (like the stickers which are good for slashing 1-2 seconds from your 1/4 mile time :wink:).
  7. And if you dont have a beefed up bottom end, forged pistons, hardened valve guides, stems, and seats, and a bunch of othe stuff, you will get an extra bang complete with flying schrapnel. Even if you do build the engine to take it, expect only a few running hours between re-builds.
  8. That is not entirely true, if used as a low flow adative it can be used as a simple fuel additive. if used as a real Booster, then yep it is the fast way to a box of shrappnel
  9. I'm gonna misquote someone (who knows who he is)...

    "Why not just rig up a can of Aerostart / 'Start-ya-bastard' into the airbox?... Hey.... that's not a half bad idea!"