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Norwegian gunman Anders Behring Breivik (Oslo killer)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Let me start of by saying so people don't get the wrong message here, I don't support in any way, the way he went about killing all those innocent people on that day, it's wrong and it shouldnt of happened


    I just got a copy of his 1500 page manifest and had a good read of some of the stuff in it, let me tell you, this guy aint stupid, he knows his stuff, the amount of money, time and reasearch this bloke has put into it is outstanding

    I recommend u have a read of it if u get a chance

    Anyone know where I can upload it to for people to download (8mb)

  2. This is going to get a lot bigger than people think, what he did was to get his message out, did it work? yes
  3. Seems to me he did more to discredit it than get it out there.

    I mean, some of what Hitler had to say made a lot of sense, but the fact that he said it makes that idea forever taboo, you know?
  4. I haven't read it BUT the best propaganda always has an element of true in it
  5. That actually made me laugh. EDL make a proud stance against radical Islam - which to them includes the sale of Halal meat...

    One of the comments, someone who called themselves 'complete wally' also made me laugh
    'I don't think I've seen an opinion piece so quickly overtaken by facts in my life as this nonsensical article.'
    Somehow I don't think he meant what came out.

    I wonder if Will Hung is still around, this thread could go epic.
  6. +1

    I've been doing some reading around tonight and there are many commentators and posters saying this fvckwit's actions have put the European anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism and anti-Islamism debate back a decade, at a time when conservative European nationalists were just beginning to differentiate themselves in the broader public's eyes from the right-wing totalitarians (jingoistic racists, white-supremacists, neo-nazis, etc).

    I guess the egotistical sociopath in him won over the intellectual in him. Fvck him. I simply can't read the manifesto of a mass-murderer (though I'm not judging anyone who can). There are plenty of commentators on the net, my favourite being Pat Condell, who can debate the rabid left without having to kill innocents in order to get coverage.
  7. Isn't it basically a direct copy of the Unabomber (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Kaczynski)

    I started reading it and a lot of what was in there was somewhat smart but I didn't bother reading the rest because that's what he probably wanted.
  8. this.

    rather not waste my time on some whackjobs rambling.

    there's a right way and a wrong way to make a point.

    why give him the satisfaction!
  9. Yes but Hitler did manage to convince an entire nation of his logic, and if WW2 didn't end the way it did we would be probably reading Mein Kampf as gospel.

    The sad reality is that fundamentalist logic often will make a lot of sense if you read it with an open mind. There's logic when an animal rights activist blows up a cosmetics lab, there's logic when an islamist blows themselves up in a public place. Hitting peoples moral compass with deplorable acts seems to be a pretty efficiant way to get your message accross. Equally logical is the US pilot who drops a bomb in an area which might kill innocent people, although we are more familiar with this guys logic and far less likely to condemn it.

    Unfortunately this guy is getting exactly what he wanted and there will be a number of people with similar beliefs saying "golly gosh that worked, hun pass me my AK".
  10. Let me get this clear OP - you agree with his ideas but not his actions?
    Or is that misrepresenting your post?
  11. I'm in the discredit group. Europe has been moving disturbingly right for about 15 years now and this will mark the turning pint back the other way.

    It's somewhat ironic that Germany is one of the most left countries in Europe these days.
  12. It scares me that it is only a matter of time before an attack of some kind hits Australia. With so much tension I'm actually surprised nothing has already happened, but then again we'll never know what has been stopped/prevented.
  13. Port Arthur comes closest

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  14. Yeah, was thinking that.

    Heard an interview with a forensic psychologist who specialises in 'lone wolf' threats. He made the point that many of them simply latch on to a belief system as a justification for their more basic motivation of wanting to make a big splash and force people take notice of them.

    Bryant didn't bother with that (nor Knights) but others do.
  15. Certainly comes closest from a random nutter point of view.

    From the point of view of negative societal morality initiating extreme behavior the Cronulla riots come to my mind.
  16. Hitler was Guinness,
    given he was mad. but he is still one of the greatest people to walk the earth.
    i think people dont give him enough respect and credit. he took a country that was going backwards and turned them into world leaders. he advanced them so much. where would Germany be now if it wasn't for Hitler....... well look at their WWI allies?

    but i certainly dont support him, or his beliefs.

    im yet to read this guys work..... and most likely wont. but there is no way. in my opinion that he should be compared to Hitler . he has done nothing to advance the human race. and Hitler did most of his message/beliefs through politics and speeches. he took over parliament, as in he got voted in. the concentration camps (as terrible as they are) were just a small part of his time in power and his regime
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  18. Saying that he was great and deserves credit and respect is bad enough, but comparing him to one of my favorite beers crosses the line.
  19. Hitler managed to divert his population from sanity,brilliantly done with smoke and mirrors and a continuing warning just how easily achieved it was.