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nortorious has joined netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nortorious, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. :( I'm sad it's wet and i can't go riding...

    :grin: I'm happy at my borrowed laptop posting on Netrider for first time

    :( I'm sad a i wish I had a better bike

    :grin: I'm happy i have a bike at all!

    :( I'm sad I can't show a picture because I'm using a borrowed laptop and don't have my pictures

    :grin: my bike is a 1979 Honda CB250T, decent condition....let the classic Jap bike talk begin!

    Hi everyone, riding out of Adelaide is some of the best fun you can have, I look forward to contributing to the site. My bike is NOT a weapon, but it's a start. I'll get my shiz together and post some pics soon. Cheers, nortorious.

  2. :grin: I am happy that you're happy.

    :eek: I just sat on something pointy.

    :oops: It wasn't at all unpleasant.

    :idea: I might do it again.
  3. I lol'd
  4. I don't like old jappas. I think I'll sit on something pointy too.
  5. Personally prefer to be blunt about these tings 8-[
  6. I'll make allowances for personalisation, but perhaps were you trying to spell notorious???
  7. :grin: I'm happy you've joined NR.

    :( I am sad you live so far away and I may not meet you on a ride.

    :grin: I am happy I don't live in Adelaide.
  8. Hi everyone,

    the "nortorious" comes from a mix of my surname Norton and the word notorious. The term was coined by a mate of mine and it stuck.

    Old jappas, new jappas, old & new euros, I love them all. How do I go about attaching a link to my bike like I see a few of you have?

    cheers and Adelaide is a country town but theres sweet roads in them thar hills! Nortorious.
  9. How is a CB250 a classic? :?
    That's like having a classic anvil....... :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Hi nortorious, welcome I'm from Adelaide too, and also a NR noobie.

    :p I'm happy to be so close to such nice roads in our hills!!

    :mad: but mad that we can't park on footpaths!
  11. my classic anvil

    it's the chrome and pudgy-ness that makes it a classic, bikes needn't be speed machines to fall into the classic zone, next year it'll be 30 and I'm thinking of taking it in the Bay to Birdwood classic run.

    JEN I just got back from Melbourne and you are so right about the footpaths in Adelaide, all the ample bike parking just going to waste it's a crime.

    In Melbourne there were so many "oh my god" bikes getting around, I wasn't sight seeing, I was perving at bikes!

    This footpath thing is worth another post topic.

    great to hear from another Adelaidian who appreciates the hills.
  12. Re: my classic anvil

    I'm fat and have a shiny silver watch, am I classic?

  13. Someones doing the time warp again :?