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N/A | National NorthWest 200 Starts Tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Womble, May 9, 2015.

  1. For those who think there's only one balls out, madcap, insane no holds barred street race in the UK (IoM TT).
    The NorthWest 200 Race week starts tomorrow.

    Do yourself a favour and check it out.


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  2. yep loonies the lot of them
    gotta love it
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  3. Just cos any chat about road racing must come back to this.
    Oh yes!
  4. Timed staggered starts? Pah, send all the loonies off together!!!
  5. 117 mph average on a road circuit: it's really "Leave your brain in the toolbox" stuff, isn't it? :shock:
  6. They are professional racers on closed roads.:]
  7. Of course they are, but even among racers they are a special breed....
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  8. Didn't Rossi pussy out when asked if he wanted to do a fast lap with McPint at the TT a couple of years ago?
  9. I remember Bazza incurred the wrath of the "the throttle goes both way" brigade by refusing to ride the TT, but I
    suspected at the time that this was due to Suzuki factory wishes rather than his own opinion
  10. If any "mainstream" rider could do the TT it would have been Bazza.
  11. Without a doubt I'm not questioning his courage our commitment. Remember this is the man who was almost killed on the Daytona banking and rode at Magny Cours six weeks later!!!
  12. Alistair Seeley set a new record of just over 117mph average in the supersport race. Superbikes should be quicker.