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Northside motorcycle service (Brisbane)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Mr Luke, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Recommendations please?

  2. mine's currently at QBR in lawnton, came recommended by another netrider, plus they're IMR's preferred spanner turner.

    recommendations might be easier if you gave a rough location
  3. Hi guys,

    So I'm new to Brissy and desperately need to buy a bike to commute to work. It must be a Harley...hehe, I wish...no, I'm gonna start with something small, like a Honda CBF 250 or something (grrrrrr). If possible, they would offer financing.

    Any suggest a few shops please? Thanks!

  4. Get on bikepoint and get a price from the dealers, then take it to your local dealer.

    There is one mob on the sunshine coast that is pretty hard to beat price wise
  5. Thanks mate :)
  6. There all much of a muchness.
    Team Moto has about twenty stores. And they will ship bikes around for you if they think you are serious.
    The Pro team are not far behind Moto and a direct competitor.
    Ha ha they use to be friends. Play them off each other.
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    If there's a Suzuki you're after, go to Springwood Suzuki. I won't go anywhere else, for anything - and I live 40 mins from them.

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  9. We've bought bikes from both Caboolture Motorcycles and Team Moto. Both have given us excellent service and I can highly recommend them to anyone.
  10. Excellent, thanks guys!

  11. +1 to this. Go to Moss St in Logan - there's about twenty bike shops on that one steet. Walk into one, find something you like, get the best price, take it to the next shop, ask them to beat it, rinse, repeat. Really the place to go if you're not sure what you want, plenty of bikes to try there.

    Otherwise would recommend Team Moto Kawasaki Bowen Hills - Salesmen could sell ice to an Eskimo but good service and prices... after the above procedure ;)
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    +1 can't go past Spingwood Suzuki, and if you are after a Honda or Yammy still goto them and get it sourced from Tony's other dealership Mega Motorcycles in Bundaberg. They will do the delivery etc at Springwood no worries.

    They are a top bunch of people to deal with. I won't go anywhere else with any of my bikes and only one is suzuki.
  13. +2 Moss Street @ Springwood. Most shops are open till 12ish on a Saturday. Plenty of bike shops to keep you amused.

    and/or bikepoint.com.au
  14. Awesome....I'm surely going to be there first thing this coming Saturday morning! ;)


  15. Hi All,

    I've done a bit of searching here and couldn't find anything so I'm hoping this hasn't been answered yet.

    Can anybody tell me a good place to get my Yamaha fzx250 zeal serviced and/or repaired for the following?

    Normal servicing and repairs

    For servicing I wouldn't mind somebody who is familiar with these bikes as they don't seem to be all that common. I'm in the Mt Gravatt area but am willing to ride north side or further south if need be.

    I realise familiarity with these bikes is a stretch so beggars can't be chooses so any knowingly good mechanics may have to do.

  16. Damn it, sorry mods I've just realised I have posted this in the wrong section. Should be in with 'service providers'.
  17. I've found Brisbane Motorcycle Tyres in Moss Street, Slacks Creek to be good for new tyres. Price was good and service was excellent.
  18. Northside motorcycle workshop brendale. Really good joint, good price too. Always have 50 bikes parked out front.