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Northside coffee night.

Discussion in 'QLD' started by spottedninja, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Few of us are meeting at kallangur macdonalds at 630 pm tonight.
    Would be good to see a few netriders there.

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  2. I'll be there. In case others are interested it'll be more of a coffee and chat than a group ride.
  3. Bah, didn't see this in time :( meeting up again next week?
  4. Missed it too, I'd be keen on next week also.
  5. 6:30 be too early for me! Don't finish uni till 7 :(
  6. We can tweak it a bit to get the most amount of riders there. After sitting there last night I am thinking a change of venue is in need. So many losers around that area, any suggestions for somewhere around the same area?
  7. Hey come on man i spent some early years of my life in Kallangur... And yep its mostly inhabited by deadshits. Other spot might be coffee club at strathpine. Open until 11pm.
  8. I'm able to head out after uni at 7 - so however long it takes me to get there from the city!
  9. Anyone keen for another coffee night tonight.
  10. I would but MRAQ AGM is on tonight.
  11. Will have to give tonight a miss. I am hoping it will become a regular monday night meeting.
  12. Yeah - I'm at work till 10 tonight anyway.
  13. On second thought. I am keen to do something tonight. PM me if anyone is interested, has to stay on the north side though.