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Northern Thrillogy Ride_Cape York by Postie

Discussion in 'VIC' started by FormerUser1, May 16, 2005.

  1. Hi all

    While basking in the late-summer sunshine at the Marysville Bakery last Saturday,
    Goodie came up with an idea for (yet) another ride.
    A 10min coffee break turned into 2 hrs... and things went from tentative to.....YEAH, let's do it !!!


    Northern Thrillogy??

    North= Northern Parts of Australia
    Thri = three= 3 part-ride
    Thrill= that it'll be !!

    This is way, WAY off but needs quite a bit of prepping...which will be a
    load of fun.
    Buy postie-bikes at the auctions and set them up for touring (i.e. lots of
    technical preparation, a real thorough going-over/ making racks to take
    eskies or such as panniers/ possibly built extra tanks into/onto the bikes for
    long-range riding, just dream it up and build it. Everything should be rather
    ingenious and cheap…. than meticulous and flash. By the end of the ride the
    bikes will be throw-outs...most probably.

    The whole thing is CAMPING ONLY. 3 stages/ sections spread over about 12-15
    months, with 2 weeks of holidays needed for each leg, possibly 3 weeks for
    the Darwin-Perth leg (5000km).
    A bike can be "run" by either individuals or groups/ syndicates of up to 3
    people, each doing single or multiple sections of the ride.
    Sections or shares in the bike can be "sold"/ passed on/ taken over by
    The owner/s of the bike are completely responsible for anything to do with
    the bike/ ride/ whatever,
    possibly apart from one point: Depending on numbers, one or 2 extra bikes
    should be bought on a group-account, everyone chips in at equal
    parts. They’ll get cleaned/ tested/ then dismantled for 'block-spares" (i.e.
    complete front-end incl. triple trees/ whole engines/ wheels with good tyres
    etc.). Those spares are then packed and labelled to be couriered out at a
    phone call’s notice to where-ever the unlucky one is stranded.
    Group flight bookings can be arranged, specials on airfares are essential.

    Section 1: (2 weeks, 3000km, either April-May or Sept-Oct, either end of
    the dry-season)
    Trucking ready-to-go-bikes (incl. tents/ camping gear) to Brisbane, flying
    up a few days later (we've done that before), taking the "esky-panniers" as
    luggage/ suitcases (therefore they can be packed beforehand and at the last
    minute before departure).
    Ride up the Qld. coast, some Highways, some byways, Fraser Island/
    Bundaberg/ Whitsundays/ Townsville/ Cairns/ Atherton Tablelands/ Cooktown
    and back to Townsville.
    Bikes are stored at a Caravan Park close to town. Caravan Parks commonly
    store caravans/ campers/ boats/ trailers etc. anyway, why not a batch of
    posties, fees should be pretty low.
    INCL. bike purchase/ setup/ registration etc./ flights/ accom/ fuel/
    spare-bike-share the total should come to about $3500
    The expensive part here is the bike-purchase which only happens once
    though...and part thereof can be passed on to the other mate of the
    syndicate doing the next section ( in the case of "syndicates").
    Tents/ Camping stuff stays with the bikes.

    Section 2: (2 weeks, 3000km, about 6-7 months after section 1, either late
    March-May or Sept-Oct, either end of the dry-season)

    Townsville/ Charters Towers/ Mt. Isa/ Tennant Creek/ The Alice/ Ayers Rock/
    Kakadu/ Darwin.
    Store bikes again in Darwin (again...Caravan Park)
    Storage fees/ cheap flights/ accom/ fuel/ the total should come to about

    Section 3: (2-3 weeks, near 5000km, about 6-7 months after section 2, either
    late March-May or Sept-Oct, either end of the dry-season)
    Darwin/ Kimberleys/ Broome/ Port Hedland/ Monkey Mia/ Perth.
    Storage fees/ cheap flights/ accom/ fuel/ the total should come to about
    Your choice to either ship the bikes back to Melb. (cheap due to LOW
    backload-rates) or give it away to the Salvos/ ride it off a cliff/

    A GREAT sense of humour and adventure/ GREAT stamina for those 10hr. days on
    a POSTIE!!
    Plenty of tolerance for those times when things get tough.
    Some mechanical skills.The more, the better :)
    Crappy, old gear is fine. As long as it works ok. P-platers no problems...
    as long as they've got the stamina, it's less about skills and all about
    There will be NO backup, we'll have to keep going by our wits and

    Many parts will be boooooring, the landscape flat, the road straight and
    nothing but heat/ dust and flies.
    Drafting is encouraged as long as no one blocks the way of a Roadtrain :))
    Some might even make it to the next servo that way, bwahahhaa.

    Max. 10 "entries", otherwise things go out of hand.
    Oops, that's another 8, Goodie and I are booked already.

    Prepping can slowly start from now on (since there's lots of stuff to
    consider/ organize) section 1 is a goer at either April or October 2008.
    (Sorry, but there's the 6-week European Alps tour in 2007 first, which will
    rip a damn deep hole into the pockets....for a long time before/ after that
    We might actually ditch the planned "Goin' Troppo-2006" in favour of getting the Posties and getting them setup.


  2. You're welcome to stop by on your visit thru Cairns, it would be good to meet up with some fellow netriders!
  3. You might come to regret that offer :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. soooo far away I don't even know what I'm doing 3 minutes away let alone 3 years. But it does sound like a fantastic challenge and fun.
  5. And that's exactly the reason it was conceived that way.
    It takes a decent amount of time to get something like this onto the rails.
    Getting a bike and setting it up (taking one's time to dream up and fabricate the neccessary mods) could be anywhere between 1-2 years.

    Get a couple of mates to form a syndicate.
    If not, you can always sell the bike through the Trading Post or such and recoup most of the outlay. It's possibly not more than a $500 net-risk.
    Spread over a year or 2, it's good, cheap fun.
    Discussions and on-site inspections have to be made to "check-up" on other people's ideas, tech-problems mulled over...logistical probs sorted out, etc etc. it all spells BIG FUN !!!

    Make a CT-110 streetfighter out of it, a rat-tourer, an enduro, whatever...no borders to the fettling and modding (no TURBOS or big-bore-kits, that's cheating :LOL: :LOL: ).
    Ebay is your friend for parts...
    I've already got a 2.hand/ scratched carbon-fiber-exhaust sitting here (might loose all the backpressure and engine braking, but it should be a howl :p :p )

    Great stuff one can do with an oxy-torch, single-sided swingarms are a distinct possibility (scour wreckers for VFR800/ 400 rear-ends), USD-forks out of a wrecked KiloGixxer an other... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Friends/ family teams can be setup, anything...of course once committed to shipping the bikes to Bris and/ or through the consequent stages more $$ will be lost if someone has to pike out.

    Get over that long-term thing and join the short/ mid-term madness.
  6. Sounds interesting but I'm all ready planning an NZ trip with mates for around then.

    That said...DAMN that sounds like fun.
  7. Thanks, I've already seen it and damn impressive it is too. We already had thought about doing something similiar but when I saw that we pretty much decided that we HAD to do it.

    At the moment we're looking at taking 5 or 6 weeks to do it either at the end of next year or the year after depending what everyones situation is with work and uni.
  8. Hell yes, I'm in - that sounds like mad fun! :twisted: :D
  9. there is already one of these planned for a run between cairns and adelaide.
  10. Postie-Challenge, annual event...
    Totally different format, 10 days total, bikes supplied and that's it.
    It's a tough one, check with Nev and Jo around here, they've done it last year.

    This ride is totally different though....and involves way more in terms of input/ time/ idealism and effort.
  11. EXXXXXACTLY !!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Im definatly in !!! :D :D :D :D
    But u already know this Glitch :p
  13. Hope, I can lower it for ya :p :p :p
  14. Well you have assisted in lowering all of my previous bikes, one could only assume that i would have to have the lowest postie as well :D :D
  15. So.... I've gotta pinch another 2 wheels off a Safeway-trolley again? :p :p :p :p
  16. You'd better get running....heheheh :p
  17. Man, this is some hardcore iron butt riding.
  18. Welcome to the madness :p :p
  19. Yeah :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: , might turn out that way.
    There'll be some hardcore grease-monkeying as well !!
    :D :D