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Northern Territory Licences

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by DrSlug, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Im selling up my business down here and moving up to Darwin, hopefully in the next two months. My question is about my motorcycle license transfering over to their system.

    Different people ive talked to say that there are no restrictions on size of bikes up there, and their procedure for getting your motorbike license is totally different from ours. Ive heard stories that there are no permits for learners up there, you just have a probationary period for a few months of something?

    Ive got a full victorian car licence and a vic learners permit for the bike currently. Should i go for my full bike license before going up there, or wait till i get up there?

    And if this is so i should sell my across down here before i go and get something else up there.


  2. They have licences in the NT?.....
  3. Incitatus, I'm sure some of them have been found on the backs of beer cartons. :p

    DrSlug, yep there are restrictions on what capacity bike you ride depending on your licence classification. This link should help:

    Welcome to Darwin in advance. :)

  4. Hey thanks for that, ive been looking around for a similar site to our vicroads one but youve steered me straight to it.

    Just proves my therory on Territorian folk, everyone is willing to help out someone in need of it. When i visited my mate up there in March i was made aware of this, and mostly the reason for the move.

    Cheers and we will have to start up some drinking nights for Darwin netriders when i get up there, if there aint any already.
  5. 1. Why on earth would you want to live in that hell hole?

    2. When I was up there there were restrictions starting at 260.

    Check this site out:
  6. Sorry to bump this but i have a few queries about the NT licence. I am from darwin but i live in brisbane going to uni now. I completed the intermediate METAL course a almost a year ago and was wondering if after a year you automatically get an unrestricted licence or not?? The MVR website is too unclear for me to understand it.
  7. hey hazard121, ill be finally up there in 9 days so we can catch up for a beer. Yeah that website is so unclear compared to the vicroads one, i wanted to know what prices were for the car rego but they are f###en useless.

    Perhaps we should have a netriders meeting in that joint mick doohan hit that dude the other day??
  8. Im actually in brisbane studying atm, im just back in darwin on holidays.

    By xmas myself and a mate should a bike each within the 600cc sports bike category so should head out for a ride, but definetly will catch up with you next time im up there. I talked to a friend that did the metal course and it is automatically taken off (engine restriction that is) after a year. If this gives you any bearing, my old car was a 2370ish cc and cost $450ish a year to rego including the compulsory insurance.