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Northern Rivers Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Spice, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. It was a glorious 30th birthday in September when I was told "well, the children are old enough now. You're off for the Pre-learners course tomorrow." Fast forward to now, got my Ps last month and now feel comfortable riding my Z300. I do a 70km round trip to work in Ballina and find any excuse to ride as much as possible.
    I've been signed up to NR for a while but never lurked much, it seems like a good resource to have. Also hoping to meet other local riders, it's pretty much been solo rides so far.

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  2. Welcome mate, enjoy.
  3. Welcome :cool:

    What a nice birthday pressie :D
  4. Kingscliff Ps?
  5. Welcome SpiceSpice I am a bit far south for you (Port Macca) but gee you have some delightful rides you can do up your way. You could nearly link up with some of the Qlders...
    Enjoy the ride!
  6. Welcome SpiceSpice. I lived in Lismore for work a couple of years ago -- there's a few good roads to be had. I'd find any excuse to ride, so a 5.30 am trip to Ballina or Casino for McCoffee before work didn't seem unreasonable.

    Also, consider heading south and west: Nymboida, Waterfall Way, the Bruxner & Gwydir Highways may interest you. Not to mention... THE OXLEY. ;)
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  7. Did someone say Oxley :woot:
  8. welcome aboard :)
  9. Thanks all. It's been some great fun, I just love the feeling of freedom.
    Don't know how I'd go tripping that far south DrSleepyDrSleepy.
    Maybe one day, after getting a better seat!
  10. Agree. have been getting down around just north of there - great roads, looking to explore some more of them. Finding new roads and going further afield gets addictive!
  11. Try venturing up to Nimbin... the road is definitely twistier in the reverse direction if you stopped for coffee and... cookies... while you were there. ;)
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  12. Find it funny riding down around there and seeing road signs to Nimbin. Reminded me of Uni days. I did take a detour one time to have a look - nothing had changed - propositioned before got off bike!
  13. You're doing well, I had to walk 50m up the street before I got hit on.
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    Hey man, nice to see a fellow Northern Rivers rider around, don't see many people from around here on Netrider, keep a look out for a VTR 250 soon to be red with a dual headlight.

    Been looking for some local riders myself so keen to catchup if you're ever in the Lismore area.
  15. Make sure you do a longish day trip towards kyogle.
    Stop at the Sphinx Rock Cafe (great food, even for the dietary challenged, good atmosphere and sometimes free live entertainment), swing south to Nimbin through the Shannon & back towards Murwillimbah, making sure to take in the Barringbah ranges & a stop at the Moobal cafe / bike mini "museum".

    If you want a v cool bike friendly cafe in Murwillumbah check out Re-Cafe-Nate. The owner is a bike owner himself and is a lover of all bikes !
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  16. I agree!
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  17. I've been told a few times now to take a run along the Burringbar Range, I'll definitely go the next sunny weekend.
    Re Cafe Nate sounds like a great rest stop too.

    JewfishyJewfishy happy to meet up and go for a ride.
  18. If and when you go for a ride on the Barringbah range watch out for a fixed speed camera. And also the bend immediately before and after the camera. Sometimes the cops sit there waiting for customers to speed up after the camera! ;-)
  19. Here's another lovely ride loop to try:

    From Ballina head north towards Ocean shores - check out the great lookout (no toilets there tho) at the end of Tongarra Drive.

    Then head back and take the Brunswich Heads exit but head inland towards mullumbimby. Stop for a pie at the petrol station near a turn off - they have the best gluten free pies & great bakery. Tom's Pies.

    Or you can take from Ocean shores, Coolamon Scenic drive into town to mullumbimby.

    Then head out towards the crystal castle to Mynion falls (last 1.5km is graded flat gravel) but the lookouts and falls v well worth it!! This is along Goonengerry Rd.

    Return to Ballina through Eureka or Binna Burra and make sure you catch Friday Hut Rd to see Killen Falls just outside Ballina.

    Bon Apetit!!

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