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Northern Beaches Novice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, just did my prelearner yesterday and today at HART in St Ives (Sydney), it was AWESOME. Having never ridden before and just having a strange urge to ride, this course confirmed my obsession with bikes and I'm hoping to pick up a zzr or gpx for about 4K in the next week or two.

    Learning however, might be a problem :) My dad used to ride 'back in the day', but hasn't ridden for 20-30 years, probably longer. So I'm thinking maybe not the best person to be giving me those tips that will keep me alive. I'm wondering if anyone lives around the northern beaches? I'm in narrabeen myself and have seen quite alot of L platers buzzing around in little posses. Unfortunately my friends drive cages and have little to no interest in getting their license soo looking for anyone around this general area who might be able to share their immense skills & knowledge?


  2. Good evening and welcome, face!

    We've got a few Netriders in the Northern part of Sydney, someone's bound to be able to teach you the ropes....
  3. i live in hornsby and am regularly available for a ride on the weekends. PM if you want.

    just a bit of advice though, before hitting the traffic (which is very common in your area as you know) find a quiet street nearby (if you can)and practice and practice what you learnt at the pre learners course particularly braking. it is all well and good at the course doing it at 25km/h, but a 60km/h or more it is a different ball game. i spent the first couple of weeks on my L's up and down the one street to make sure i was comfortable with the turns, clutch and breaking etc. i was surprised no one rang the cops to complain someone constantly riding up and down the street or sending out some mental assessment doctor. i think the yellow L plate gave it away.

    other courses at HART can also show you good riding techniques
  4. Thanks for the tip, I really wouldn't jump into traffic without pottering around a giant parking lot or sidestreet for at least a few hours, esp. since I drive an auto car, I have alot to get used to :)
  5. You are on the right track. With all the variables of dynamics in riding a bike, PLUS the hazards of the road, there can be no such thing as too much practice, and you never, ever stop learrning....
  6. yeah, you want to be comfortable with the bike so it become part of you - then you can concentrate on what isn't part of you - damn traffic!!
  7. From Narrabeen you got plenty of roads to get your experience level up.

    Get up early and head to Mona Vale, turn left to Bayview and you'll be on McCarrs Creek Rd. A great road for riders of all levels

    A nice loop is to turn left at the top towards Terrey Hills and then get onto Mona Vale Rd and follow it along to Forest Way, then turn left. A couple of km's down on the left is Morgan Rd, another quiet road but now signposted 50kmh (bugger) but it offers all manner of corners and even a very shallow creek crossing (about three inches deep and six feet wide most of the time) that is simple to get over.

    Turn left onto Wakehurst Parkway and you'll be back in Narrabeen all within an hour.

    Don't know what you are doing today but I should be doing that loop at about 2.30pm - you don't have enough posts to PM so call me on 0412 949 273 if you are keen

    Cheers Alex
  8. I didn't see this post :oops:

    You still better get up early, but for Warriewood Sqaure car park - plenty of space there for you to learn on. And initially practice taking off and stopping, and then start off with some really big figure eights and try and decrease in size. Take your time, plenty of years to enjoy biking and build your confidence

    Good luck with it all
  9. Rofl Toecutter, whereabouts do you live? I'll hit up mcCarrs after I get some parking lot skills happening, all those curves would be great, as long as I'm up pre-dawn to avoid any traffic (even though there is pretty much none there anyway).

    Up near Wakehurst, I thought that creek road was old oxford falls road? Well it happens thats my favourite spot to thrash my crappy car along :) So naturally as soon as I feel up to wakehurst (probably a while), I'll be hitting it up hard lol.

    Still haven't got my bike! lol, planning on getting it today but need my dad to check out the bike so :'( Have to wait until the weekend at the earliest..

    Mmmm I work at warriewood square, so as soon as I get my bike I'll just get up hectically early on sundays to practice there before work. Thanks for the tips, definately gonna try all of them.
  10. I'm at Harbord

    Yeah it is called Oxford Falls Rd from Wakehurst Parkway, and turns into Morgan Rd somewhere along there
  11. I am at Frenchs Forest, am 45 years old and ride a Blackbird. If you like I will take you for a spin up the old Pacific Highway..... introduce you the Pie In The Sky and Road Warriors Cafe.

    Be carefull on the McCarrs creak road though. The Mona Vale end tends to be full of sunken manhole covers.

    Anyway PM me if you want to go for a ride.

  12. A few of the guys did a very learner friendly a few months back around that area. From memory Dante, Haggis and Sajie were there. Let everyone know when you get your bike and keep checking out the NSW forum. If you're keen there will be plenty of rides to get yourself on that you can do at your own pace.
  13. Its great to hear that you want to joint the 2 wheel club. Still as for not having your little possy well we are always going for rides, so one time soon we will have to come up your way.
  14. practice practice practice

    really, its what we all do every time we throw the leg over......
    good luck and happy riding!
  15. We have a few new riders located north now, might have to do an Old Pac run up to Wedge as well.
  16. Going shopping tomorrow for bike tomorrow, if I find a gpx or zzr in good condition (fingers crossed) at around my budget (4-4.5k), I'll buy it. I was originally thinking of getting a 98 model or around there, but my dad reckons getting a bike 8 years old is stupid as it will be too worn out. What do you guys think?

    Also one of the places I'm looking at is http://www.a1roadandrace.com.au/ on princes highway. They take damaged/trashed bikes and fix them up and sell them, alot cheaper. Anyone have any ideas about this? Since its looking like an attractive option, getting a 02 zzr, low km's, for 4.5kish...

    Apart from that, is anybody aware of any gpx's or zzr's for sale around?

    After someone's taught me the basics, I definately need to hit up the pie in the sky, and I'd love to see your blackbird go nuts along it steve.

    I'll let you know how the shopping goes.

    A gear question, I'm gonna go for a dri rider jacket, but wondering about helmet and gloves. How much should I be spending on a helmet, would 300-350 be suicide or what? Glovewise, what should I be looking for and at what price?

  17. Hi Jared,

    I've only been on two wheels for 12 months now. I only do combat riding too and from work.

    In my short bike life I have experienced a vast range of criminals in the sales and maintenance arena. What ever you buy be careful. I have finally found someone trust worthy to maintian my bike. He is in Artarmon but the trip is worth the effort.

    I just bought an SV650 '99 private sale. Took it for an inspection and discovered $1000 worth of repairs needed. I used this in my negotiation and got the bike for a reasonable price.

    My own check list:
    1) types - look for the wear markers. $200 front $300 back
    2) chain and sproc - pull the chain away from back of sprocket. No movement good, more movement bad. $250 chain and sprocket set.
    3) cold exhaust prior to starting - hopefully they haven't been running the bike to cover up some issue with starting cold.
    4) head bearing - pull the bike back toward you until it is balanced on side stand and rear tyre. $60 part + $100 to install. can be installed badly. Makes riding even a CB 250 a dream.
    5) weaping around the top of suspension OR rust on the inner pipe - this will slice through the seals again and again and again. $20 part + $200-$600 install depending on the criminal gang you are asking.

    Then the other stuff:
    Oil leaks around gaskets. Sump plug with too many washers. Excessive bounce in suspension. Scratches and bent stuff like break arms and clutch leavers.

    I spent almost a grand on my helmet as I like my head a lot and spent less on my bike 'cause I recon I'm gona drop it a couple of times as a learner. Gloves, I have two sets, wet and dry. The wet set are really uncomfortable but work and the dry set are quite thin to allow me to get used to the controls. This set can also be quite cold in winter, but I suck it up in exchange for better feel. Both sets are leather so I can slide on them if I hit the tar.

    Paul - ride like they're out there to kill you.
  18. edit:double post.
  19. So I went bike shopping today in parramatta (such a trek from narrabeen), went to team moto, mca, bikebiz and action motorcycles.

    I made the hard, but sensible decision to not get a zzr250 that had done 8000ks, but had fairing damage and front (seemingly asthetic) fork damage, as well a pipe that was rideable, but probably should be replaced (again, asthetic). It had obviously been crashed, and probably with mid range speed, even though the fairing was only scratched, it was kind of suss. They wanted 5K (it was 2004 or 5 model by the way), but they would sell it in current condition for 4.5K, and said they'd sell it for 6.5k if they fixed it up and were to sell it to someone else. So it was a 'maybe bargain, but kind of shifty' moment. On top of that it was black and I'm going for the 'see me and don't run over me' look, which was enough for me to continue my search and come back here if nothing better was found.

    I almost lost hope until I found a silver ZZR250 at action motorcycles. 2002, 18000kms. They wanted 6K but that was too rich for me so I was just there for novelty purposes, but we put an offer of 5K on the table (even tho my budget was 4-5.5k), and after asking for $220 more and us pretty much refusing, 5 seconds of silence later and the manager said fine. I think they hadn't had the month of sales they were looking for with a campaign they tried but failed for, + probably had a bit of sympathy for a new biker.

    So the bike is in really really good condition, still has the owner manuals, receits, maintenance stuff, extra key, and the old owner had it microdotted and all the info about that. So they're doing greenslip stuff and changing fluids, doing all that stuff, and I pick it up on thursday. Not sure how though since my dad hasn't ridden in 30 odd years :S

    So I'm PUMPED, hope to be crusing with you all soon!
  20. Congratulations. Let us know when you get the bike. It is a long trek from Northern Beaches to Parramatta. I went into Action and Bikebiz twice but nothing took my fancy. Also BikeBiz took my phone number and said that they'll call me. They never did. I too went to a number of bike shops (all over Sydney) until I accidently popped into Caringbah Motorcycles. I paid my deposit for my bike that day.