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Northern Beaches Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kaycee, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Cheery hi to all,

    First time member of any bike forum - have viewed some interesting and informative postings and hope to make useful contributions in due course.

    Next time (if it is allowed on the forum) I might post a cautionary tale of a dealers service dept and their care of my Tiger.

    I have some time off at the end of the month and plan on going to Tassie...would appreciate any thoughts on anticlockwise route.

    But for now work (shift work) ...IO IO so off I go.

    I hope you will excuse any lapses in etiquette I may make as this is new to me.

    Best wishes and safe riding to all,

  2. Morning Kaycee, like yourself I am also new to the site.. Welcome and don't work too hard :)
  3. Welcome to the forum mate
  4. welcome aboard :] there's plenty here who have done a Tassie tour I'm sure one will be along shortly.
  5. Welcome Kaycee, the clockwise route is the most common. It puts you on the more populated side of the island first with towns reasonably close and the better/more consistent weather. The west side is wild and rugged with weather that comes in unbroken by land from South America. It skirts under Africa so that large expanse of sea can see the changes on the West coast be sudden and hectic. It is magnificent though. Clockwise lets you get your bike legs before you tackle the wild wild west.
  6. Welcome to the forum!
  7. G'day BarKer, many thanks for welcome...am chuffed by general response from members...admiration for your avatar....your current ride? Safe riding
  8. Thanks GeorgeO, I can see this will lead to more keyboard time real quickly...all the best
  9. Cheers Jeffco, just looking at a clockwise reply and very much looking forward to the ride....will possibly post details aftewards unless Tassie has been done to death by other members already.....safe riding
  10. Thanks Chris, seeing as I am past 60 years getting ones legs sorted is always a good idea.....some recent previous rides have included the Oxley and surrounds, Snowy areas both NSW and VIC, Great Ocean Road - all several times.... as well as numerous B & C roads both states.
    Am looking forward to being a useful contributer to the site from time to time.
    Best regards...Kaycee
  11. Tassie is a wonderful Bike riding place, I don't think the peeps around here ever tire of Tassie stories.
  12. Thanks Jaytee, certainly lots to look at and absorb on the site...all the best
  13. Thanks cjvfr, am still new and alas displaying my ignorance all to openly....what are peeps? people? Thanks
  14. welcom KayceeKaycee
    Tassie is a piece of heaven...so much great food, wine and natural delights!
    Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

    just watch the roads down to Stanley as can get slippery really quickly and stay that way all day.

    As other have posted before re Tassie watch out for the existing road kill and those poor animals with an unintentional suicide mission to cross the road just as you happen upon them esp poor old wombats but they really do some damage.
  15. Yep
  16. Welcome to NR...

    Tassie is on my to do list as well.... Been there a few times in the car but not on the bike yet..

    But a fantastic place..
  17. Hi KayceeKaycee as a Taswegian (local) I would suggest you keep your tour flexible and be guided by the weather forecast. If the weather looks wet/dodgy on the west coast head east from Devonport but if there is an easterly pattern then head west. Easterly weather comes in from the Tasman sea but rarely gets up over the mountains so the central midlands and West coast are usually dry and perfect. The predominant weather patterns are from the west hence that coast is MUCH wetter. If the forecast is good get your west coast touring done while you have the chance. You have picked the perfect month , weather wise, so enjoy the trip and ride safe. Watch out for the wildlife on and near the roads, chinese tourists in mini buses and corners that are MUCH tighter than you expect on the mountain passes. My number 1 tip would be to stay in one accommodation place for 2-3 days so you can leave the luggage safely and day trip in the region. This makes riding much more enjoyable and you don't have to worry about gear getting nicked from your luggage. Tassie road distances are not huge so you can cover a region really well this way. I would suggest Launceston, Swansea, Hobart, Strahan, Stanley - as bases and Cradle Mountain. as an over nighter. Enjoy the biking camaraderie and expect to be nodding heaps - there are a lot of bikes touring/playing here at present.
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