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northern beaches motor trimmers?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jeffatav, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know of cheap, good motor upholsterers on the northern beaches they can recommend??

    I have decided for a short a#%se like me that I have to shave about 60-80mm off the seat to the TTR 250 to comfortably stop at lights when commuting.

    Of course I will need it done in Yamaha blue :LOL: and maybe a little "spongier" layer of foam just under the vinyl.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Word of advice, you can have cheap or good, but not both.
    That's a lot to take off teh seat, I bet there's not enough foam to do that. Every trail bike seat I've opened up has been closed cell urethane, and moulded over the plastic. 25mm was a LOT to take out.........the good news though is that if you are careful with removing the foam, you can usually get away with using the existing seat cover. What I am saying is, don't expect to get 80mm out of it, you'll still want to be sitting on some sort of foam, and you'l need at least an inch of foam left.
    How long have you had the bike? Can you tolerate waiting a bit longer for the springs to settle a bit? Can you throw weights on teh bike when not riding to help the springs settle?

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Yeah I know its a lot, but the ttr has a really deep foam seat and the ttr website says this is a common modification. The bike frame is not "straight" across the top like a KTM for example.

    The bike is second hand and all the settling has been done. (Single centre springs with gas dampner turn way soft)

    There are lowering kits available from europe I think, but expensive and the ttr website in england are adamant that trimming the seat does work fine.

    It is only for the stopping balance at lights as the rest of the ride is great.

  4. Hey Jeff.

    I don´t know anybody up this way but not long ao when I lived at Brighton Le Sands I used ACE Motor trimmers in Arncliffe and Geoff is a god bloke, very professional and his prices were all right.

    Never used for anything bike related but for the soft top on the Sierra.

    I think you bought the bike somewhere that way so maybe you are working close to the area.

    If you want I can give you Geoff details. It is better to contact him first because he goes out of the shop a lot. LOL.

  5. Im a motor trimmer who is based in Brookvale 9939 7070
  6. Salt Spray covers, they did my seat and it turned out great. They're based in Warriewood. Number is: 02 9997 1825.